The Exquisite Quality and Uniqueness Of An Opal Engagement Ring

The Exquisite Quality and Uniqueness Of An Opal Engagement Ring

One of the most common things that people give to show their love for one another is none other than a shiny and glittering ring. There are two auspicious occasions when a man gifts a ring to a woman, and they are engagement and wedding occasions. Both the engagement and wedding are important days in lives of both a man and woman and a ring signifies a long-lasting relationship.

An engagement ring is given by a man while proposing a woman to marry him. An engagement ring is typically a diamond ring studded with precious gemstones. The woman or bride to wear the ring to let her family and friends know of an upcoming wedding. The engagement ring is significant, and most men desire to gift a beautiful diamond ring, but there are quite expensive, and people can try rings made from other precious and valuable gemstones such as sapphire, emerald, opal, ruby, and pearl.

A wedding ring is also a special ring that is exchanged between the bride and groom when they take their vows and promise a long life of love, happiness, and care. The wedding rings are commonly plain bands but are encrusted with diamond and precious metals such as gold or platinum. Men usually do not wear the engagement ring but are the ones who gift them to the women they love and want to marry. The wedding rings of grooms also are simple, and nothing flashy or extravagant like a ring is worn by the brides. Some of the things that people need to consider when buying an engagement ring are

  • Is the ring spectacular to look and work of art
  • Do the ring match the personality of the women the ring is to be given
  • The shape of the ring matters the most. You must have heard the four C’s (cut, color, clarity, and carat)
  • The settings or framework on which the gemstone is mounted also matters. The round design is always popular, but the oval is also a traditional choice
  • You have to choose the metal band, and the common choice is usually gold or platinum because it is beautiful, durable, and comfortable
  • Know how much money you can spend and what carat ring would be suited to your needs

The design of the engagement ring has come a long way, and just like unique fashion trends, the design of engagement ring has also changed. The diamond would always remain the undisputed king of gemstones, but those who cannot afford the expensive gemstone can look for other valuable gemstones such as opal, emerald, sapphire, topaz, ruby, aquamarine, amethyst, and pearl.

Many designers know that not everyone can buy a diamond ring and have designed rings with other precious gemstones and added a little bit of diamond, which results in a unique and dazzling ring. One such ring which is quickly becoming popular is the opal and diamond engagement ring.

The opal ring is ideal for a couple who are looking for something distinctive, classical, and elegant. Opal is simply a stunning, dazzling, and diverse gemstones, and unlike other gemstones it is amorphous and does not have a crystalline structure. Opals have always been a source of inspiration for famous writers, artists, and other creative people. It is a fact that more than 90% of opal comes from Australia and there are other countries where opal is found too such as Brazil, Mexico, and Ethiopia.

There are two popular types of opal, precious and common. The precious opal has two colors, namely, background color and a play color. Opals are found in wide range of colors such as orange, green, blue, yellow, and red while black opals are said to be the rarest in the world. Opal is a soft gemstone, and its 30% is made up of water. The opal exhibit wide range of color which makes it unique and dazzling for women and bride to be. Opal is said to be the birthstone of people who are born in October, and it also symbolizes faithfulness, creativity, happiness, and confidence, which is needed among the engaged couple for a long and happy married life.

Opal is believed to be a versatile gem that can easily be used in variety of ring designs most suited for engagements. The best ring design for the opal is the bezel setting; in this design, the engagement ring settings enclose the rim of the gem with a smooth metal band, which prevents any scratches and nicks. The popular and famous opal rings designs include

  • A solitaire opal ring
  • An opal ring encrusted with small diamonds
  • Multiple opals ring with wide metal band arrangement
  • Classic shapes such as cushion shapes, round, and heart shape
  • With different metals such as yellow or white gold

The couple should select the best quality opal for the engagement ring that is polished and not susceptible to nicks and damages. The display of colors exuded by the opal also matters, and stronger flecks of color have more vibrant and diverse hues and intense shades of color. There are many expert jewelry designers who make an exquisite opal engagement ring, and the couple can ask them to design a custom engagement ring for them.

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