10 Reasons Video Games Can Benefit Us

Since their inception, electronic-based games have caught our fantasy. Adults and children really enjoy them as a form of entertainment. It is reflected by the fact that the gaming industry generates billions of dollars worldwide. Video games can represent many subjects in our lives, from cowboy and Indians to wars to hunting to business management to racing. There are so many topics that can be covered by video games.

With impressive graphics and a touch of violence, many video games are very successful. Their three dimensional interactivity could also appeal to many people, because games are simply simulations of our real lives. Games can be played alone, together with friends in a room and with strangers at the other sides of the world.

Here are ten benefits of video games that we should be aware of:

1. Improved intellectual responses:

It is clear that playing video games often can enhance our ability to think quickly. This allows us make quick decisions on strategies that we need to take. This benefit should apply well in the business world.

2. Improved visual responses:

Many video games require us to be responsive to multiple visual cues. If we are late for just a fraction of second, we would likely lose the game. This trains us to respond visually at higher speed.

3. Improved logical skills:

Games are not always about shooting bad guys. There are also games that involve city- or nation-building. This requires good logical skills, since we need to manage many factors simultaneously.

4. Improved problem-solving skills:

Video games can really enhance our thinking abilities. This helps us to solve problems quickly. Games offer a set of problems that must be solved effectively and this should help us to train our brain.

5. Improved academic performance:

It could be somewhat surprising to know that children who play specific games are more likely to excel in specific lesson. They could have more interest in history and science.

6. Improved coordination:

Many games require rapid hand movements and we should be able concentrate effectively despite all the distractions. Games often add some disturbances that players need to filter.

7. Added knowledge:

Games based on real events could be backed by background stories. Games also tell us a lot about social communication, architecture, business planning and historical events.

8. Improved social skills:

Many games include a lot of conversations. In many role playing games, players could be given multiple dialogue options and what they choose can affect the end of the game. Friends could also discuss on how to complete a game.

9. Improved hand-eye coordination:

Games that require quick visual response also often involve rapid hand movements. This helps us to coordinate our mind, eye and hands very quickly. Some dance games also require us to move our feet.

10. Improved storytelling ability, imagination and creativity:

There are many other improvements that children can benefit from if they play the right kinds of games. Video games can ignite our imagination, creativity and spirit of adventure. This would be thought-provoking for children who live in large cities.

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