Mobile Phones Are Now The Target Of Hackers

Mobile Phones Are Now The Target Of Hackers

Do you sell your old Smartphone or planning to buy a new smartphone? Beware, then, the old Mobile Phones are focused by many hackers.

Today, most people are using their smartphones to save important data. This includes bank account information, credit card information or other financial account information debit. In the hands of these hackers and data users will be faced with a big loss.

Many of them, such as the availability of Internet banking, e-shopping, and other works are recovered. Debit or credit card, and we will use these data can be easily moved by hackers.

Co-founder of the Indian School of ithikyala hacker and director Sandeep Sengupta said, in ICT 2014 conference, hackers have set the mobile phone as their target.

Attacks on mobile phones (approximately 10), and some are relatively harmless. The hackers targeted primarily, but not exclusively, for example, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile or Symbian OS runs on a Nokia Series 60 interface, such as the use of open platforms for new smartphones.

Smartphones provides many of features to us, such as emails with attachments, game downloads or Bluetooth wireless networking – In other words, viruses, worms and Trojans, an environment full of energy.

Right now Trojan viruses are attacked strongly on smartphones, Mosquito, which hides in a game with the same name. Once installed, it sends SMS text messages to premium-rate numbers in many countries without the knowledge or consent of the users.

By phone makers Nokia, mobile viruses were starting their platforms to third party developers decided years ago to promote the opening of applications for the development of new smart phones. The decision was prompted by the mobile data industry’s push beyond pure telephony into the PC applications developers need to master in training.

Wi-Fi networks, I do not believe? “You may be thinking right now, that is not enough to protect you from hackers, because, think again. Wi-Fi is another way to misuse because of that. Hackers, they set up a network that works as if it is found to be a reliable network. We all have on our phones and laptops a file that contains a list of networks that are trusted by the devices. They can connect to them automatically. But the hackers create a network of that same name, in this situation you better to purchase internet safety software providers like Coupons it will completely protect your computers and smart phones from hackers at time of online purchase.

Well, in that case your phone or laptop without asking your permission, it is going to be connected. Sending confidential data over a network controlled by a hacker without any good idea, you probably do not have a clue about unless you’re taking a risk.

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