If you are a work at home mom, physical fitness is not only good for your body but also your mind. Staying in shape increases your energy while improving your state of mind, enabling you to accomplish more. Getting an exercise routine running can, however, be a daunting task especially when you have kids to look after too. You can have the motivation but still see your workout plans washed down the drain because you don’t even have time for yourself.  All hope is not lost though, you can still squeeze some exercise routine into your busy schedule.

Here are 4 workout tips for stay-at-home moms;

Be an Early Bird

Once the kids are up, your time is entirely theirs until they close their eyes again. In between cleaning them up, feeding them, keeping a watchful eye so that they don’t plug a spoon into a socket, it is difficult to chip in an exercise. When you manage to, you have to be cautious because they might sneak up on you while you’re doing your donkey kicks. The best way to go around all these is to wake up earlier for a few minutes of exercise before they get up. A 30-minute daily routine can still be effective. It is, however, important to stick to your routine.

Let the Children into your Routine

By now, you should have realized that you are not running away from your kids. You are not going to put them under lockup until you complete your 30-minute routine. They are also not going to sit around and watch you do your stuff. Work Out Box believes you can kill two birds with one stone by involving them in your routine. Have them join you in working out, or as a personal trainer counting down your reps. It is not easy, but it is possible. Playing games or taking them out for rides also forms of exercise. This will also motivate your kids to stay in shape and healthy.

Stay in your Workout Clothes throughout the Day

Wearing your workout attire all day is for two reasons. One, there is little time for changing back and forth when you take time off your busy schedule to exercise. It is much easier to just hop into your routine when you are already changed. Two, it helps you stay motivated and look forward to your routine. Just like dressing in a skirt suit when pitching a business idea to potential partners gets you in the CEO-level mood. It constantly reminds you of what you are aiming at. The bonus of it all is that it reduces the amount of laundry you have to do too.

Plan your Workout

Above all, have a plan. With exercising, you just don’t wake up and see what the day brings. It is important to have an idea of what exercise you’ll do and for how long. Plan the following day’s exercise before you go to bed. You can even write them down. Know which exercises fit into your schedule and if your body can handle them. Start easy and work your way up the levels as you become more fit. It is not a competition, you don’t have to be toned as your neighbor in one week. If your budget allows it, you can also get a personal trainer.

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