The Biggest Competitor Of Facebook In Itself: WhatsApp?

WhatsApp gave a personal touch to the communication that can be done by internet. May it be a person leaving nearby or overseas you can stay in touch with them just by an application.

First the telecom companies faced a huge loss due to WhatsApp that is estimated to be in the billions. And after a while even Facebook lost is dipped when teenagers switched to WhatsApp.


As soon as Facebook popularity dipped among the teenagers, Facebook in no-time made an acquisition over WhatsApp and bought the amazing App for $19 Billion.

Isn’t it a smart move? It merged the biggest competitor iof itself in Facebook only? I remember a saying : ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies even more.’

This move of making the deal made a high increment in the Profit of the company Facebook and in addition made the crowd incline towards them, because of certainty and Bond. Mark Zuckerberg after this was crowned as the “World Connecting King” for associating the entire world in a Web system of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.

Some think it was a stupidity while the others are so sure about taking over it and making this move. It was anyways a very fruitful decision which is now making Mark rich and more rich.

Well, if you do not get on the consent side, the you might change your opinion instantly after running your eyes on this article.

About Whatsapp

WhatsApp is named one of those companies that reached the peak of popularity due to its service in the shortest span of time possible.

It’s one of those organizations that has developed so quick with no PR and with a staff of only 55 individuals, which incorporates the originator of WhatsApp Jam Koum and Brian Acton also. They made no advancement or Ad and still made the App break all records of Active clients and also the sweethearts.

It is one of those application that attacked the association time which was once used to fit in with Facebook.

The facebook profit as well as the timings of people being online dropped tremendously. This made Facebook owner’s mind shuffle only a gasp and took him to the big decision of buying this App. WhatsApp does a lot of things  apart from texting which can be done on Facebook.  It’s like Facebook came up with ‘Second Facebook’ that lets you stay in touch and connection with your freinds or with the contacts in your network even better than facebook stayle and gives you chance to flaunt even on your Whatsapp Status Messages.

Whatspp Pov

After giving service for one year absolutely free WhatsApp just charge $1 for each year. This way it will be wildly profitable as many users will pay $1 for a year leading to a potentially high revenue.

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the few CEOs in the world those who are willing to sacrifice near term earnings to make such acquisition that have been proved beneficial in the long term.

So do you agree it’s a smart move? At-least now, You should 🙂

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