Ways to Entice the Best People to Come and Work for You

If you would like to have the best possible people to come and work for your company, you are probably going to have to offer them some interesting perks. You need to make your business stand out so far above the rest that the best of the best will be beating down your door to gain employment with you. Here are just a few ways you can entice these people to start a career with your company.

The Option of Working from Home

Their job duties at your company may require them to be present in your building the majority of the time, but there are probably some things they can do at home. Working from home is gaining in popularity with many companies as it gives the employee more flexibility. And as long as they are still getting their work done, it is an option to consider. Job applicants will generally look at working from home part-time as a perk to be heavily considered. After all, who doesn’t like keeping their pajamas on all day long?

Deferred Profit Sharing Plan

A deferred profit sharing plan (DPSP) is a program that allows the company to share their profits with their employees. This means if the company has a really great year, everyone is excited and not just the owner. Employees will usually work harder if they know they are going to be compensated for it. Being able to mention in job interviews that you do DPSP with potential employees that are above and beyond what you expected may tip the scale in your favour. If you aren’t sure how to go about profit sharing, find out about a DPSP in Canada that could work for your own company.

Allow Ample Vacation Time

Many people do not seriously consider leaving the job they currently have because they have built up three to four weeks of vacation time that they can use every year. When someone is newly hired, the vacation time that is offered is usually only a week or two at most. Why would they want to leave their current employer for this?

If handing your employees that much vacation time is not something you want to consider, then perhaps there is an alternative. You can always require them to work only 35 hours a week instead of 40 hours. This should allow them to spend more quality time in their backyard with their kids. This gives them an extra half day off every week that they normally would not have. Most of us would rather be working four days a week instead of five, so this might just bring in the most productive future employees you have ever had the privilege of hiring.

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