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Web Developing Jobs

So you want to be a web developer! This sounds wonderful. But are you sure about it? You don’t want to waste your time and finances. And are you sure you know the route to web development? Well, nothing to worry as this post is here to share some basics of becoming a web developer and what professionals related to web development can do afterwards.

What You Need To Start?

The first thing is of course a passion. You can become a web developer with no sparks but what is the purpose when you’re doing it only for the sake of making money? To grow in your career, you either need to have passion or make it your passion.

The next thing you need is effort and a lot of it. Web development is basically an IT based profession. And you know that engineering or technical fields requires other things as well. A logical mind is one of the key elements, one requires to land in an IT profession. Usually the journey to become a web developer starts right after high school. There are few paths you can choose to become a professional web developer:

Bachelors in Computer Sciences/software engineering/information technology – these three are the few common ways to start your journey to web developer. The courses won’t be entirely focusing on web development. But there will be other subjects you will be studying all through the journey.

Certificates/diplomas – even if you choose any of the above Bachelors program, it is highly recommended to go with some professional certifications or diplomas as well, to be updated and grab good hold on web development.

Online tutorials – one of the best and cheapest way to become a web developer, is learning online. There are millions of free video lectures and text documents that you can follow to become a good web developer.

Landing A Web Development Job

Front-end development – what we see on websites, is all the workforce of the front-end-developer. They’ll be using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CMS and other web technologies. Using these methodologies an interaction between users and the website itself is developed.

Back-end development – what goes behind is the concern of back-end web developers. They don’t focus on designs but security. Applications by web developers act as a bridge between the database and the front-end of the website.

Full-stack development – the one who works on front-end development as well as back-end development. Although, we don’t see such web developers very often, but they do exist.

Web application development – slightly different from web development, application development is mainly concerned with applications. Applications can be for any platform and operating systems. Some apps are for some specific purpose and others are for in general.

Where Do Web Developers Can Find Jobs?

Freelance websites – not everyone can work with a group of professionals. For such individuals freelancing or being an entrepreneur is one of the best options. Work as much and whenever you like and set your own comfort zones.

In–house web development – in this tech savvy world, we all need online presence. And for this we have social media platforms and web presence. Websites are one of the best means to communicate with the customers and potential customers. For this, businesses might hire an in-house web developer. Although this is usually not recommended as an in-house web developer is not going to beat a web development company.

Web development companies – the best place to find web development jobs, are the web development companies. As the name sounds, a web development company is developing websites. But their services are not strictly limited to web development only. But they can have expertise on web designing, web application development, content writing, internet marketing and other IT services.


IT industry of Pakistan is getting stronger day-by-day. As the education system is getting powerful and the professionals related to this field are realizing their value and re-shaping their careers. If by now you’ve decided your career or are looking to get into web development jobs in Pakistan, I would recommend you to start acting like a professional. Sign up on job portals in Pakistan. Look for new jobs in Pakistan in newspapers. Increase your circle of connection. Ask for recommendations. And follow the professionals’ way to apply for new jobs in Pakistan.

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