The Many Looks Of IP Cameras For Property Protection

Wireless security cameras are all the rage these days for several reasons. One of the most common reasons is that they can be installed by the homeowner without a lot of technical training and can be disguised so that they don’t look like cameras at all. Additionally, purchasing the cameras for self-installation will save you thousands of dollars up front. However, if you’ve been looking into security cameras for your home or business, you have probably been bombarded with the vast array of products to choose from. If you believe the sales pitches that accompanies each camera, you are likely more confused now than when you begin your hunt for the one that will serve your needs best. Hopefully, some of the mystery of these eyes-in-your-ceiling – or under your bushes – will be cleared up here.

There are basically two types of IP cameras on the market – outdoor and indoor. It’s important that you choose the right one for the location you have in mind. Outdoor cameras are dirt, dust and water resistant so that the elements don’t damage them. If you need one that is in area where they may be banged up – such as by a basement window or an exposed area of the house where debris flies about – make sure you check for one that is impact resistant as well. Indoor IP wireless cameras are also dust and moisture resistant which allows you to place them in a hall near a bathroom or in the kitchen where steam is present. Both types almost always include the ability to see in day and night without relying on moonlight or night lights. You will want one that can be set to pan, tilt and rotate since you may want to move it from one location to another at some point.

Your next decision will be about the style of the camera. Often, the style will also dictate the range and view angle of the lens. A bullet styled camera may have a smaller adjustment range than one that is ceiling mounted. Yet, a bullet style could be best used in corners of rooms or parking lots to target specific areas that a ceiling mount could not accommodate. Some dome cameras are designed with vertical lens views and others with horizontal lens views. Vandal dome cameras are wall mounted and include a membrane that removes moisture more effectively, as well as a protective covering for taking greater impact. One vandal resistant dome camera is even disguised to look like a smoke alarm which is an excellent choice for areas that you want to watch without the camera being noticed.

It is said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and likewise, you shouldn’t judge a wireless camera by its price. A higher price does not mean it includes more options, higher resolution or faster live-stream ability. Pay attention to the details and think where you need the camera before making a final choice.

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