How to Easily Understand Basic Concepts of SEO

We should think of our website as a physical location, instead of a virtual one. This will make it easier for us to imagine how people can visit it. In fact, many traditional marketing efforts, such as banners, email marketing, social media marketing, packaging, T-shirts, business cards, flyers, words of mouth, TV, radio, magazines, newspaper and direct mail can help boost the number of visitors. These methods are alternative to typical SEO techniques, such as link building, internal optimization and clickthrough advertising. In general, the more people see our marketing material, the more likely they will pay for our services. Advertising can also be placed on other websites. The most popular is through Google Adwords, which is probably the most popular pay-per-click service in the market.

For average people, search engine optimization could be seen as magic or science, with all sort of mystery that surrounds it. In reality, SEO isn’t something that only a few very special individuals have the brain power to comprehend. However, although SEO is relatively easy to understand, it still requires a huge amount of work and we need some technical knowledge to tackle more difficult tasks.

In fact, clients need to demystify SEO tasks to allow them choose reliable and honest SEO firms. It doesn’t have to be a tech savvy to have reasonable success in the SEO industry. Many SEO tasks can be performed by those who just love to roam and browse the internet.

In general, we should put ourselves in Google’s shoes and look our situation from its perspective. We should make sure whether Google knows our real objectives. Google simply seeks to direct visitors to information that they seek and by providing relevance and quality, it is very likely we will attract a group of unique visitors. Depending on the keywords, Google put most useful websites at the top of specific lists.

Before trying to make our website more popular, we should define the popularity of specific keywords and keyphrases. Popularity could be equal to demand and if we have information that others can’t provide, it is likely that we will get many visitors. This will also allows us to get genuine inbound links. We could consider inbound links as equal to references by friends. So, if we are an individual with useful information and many references from friends, it is likely that we will get more people who will refer to us. A reference from a more trustworthy individual will also increase our personal reputation. In this case, if our relatively new website obtains reference from a website like, it will get more points that allow it be pushed higher in the search rankings.

So, it is clear that the mystery of SEO is quite easy to understand and many of its concepts also apply in real life. We won’t progress further in the online world if we use less than credible methods. SEO is also about informing people about valuable things that we can offer and how we do this honestly. Cheaters always try to fake thing to get high positions in the search results, but often their achievements are negated by regular algorithm updates that Google performs.

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