Fall in Love with Online Rummy with Khelplay Rummy

Rummy is a fun card game that everyone enjoys playing. In every Indian household, rummy is one of the favourite family sports where all relatives gather together. The traditional settings have changed now and yet the online rummy options will help you enjoy this game even today at Khelplay Rummy.

How to play Rummy Card Game Online?

Card game lovers find the changing lifestyles difficult to cope with. They barely get an opportunity to play their favourite Rummy Card Game with friends or loved ones as everyone appears busy today. So, it is time you get acquainted with Khelplay Rummy, the best place to play this magnificent card game online.

You simply need to visit the Khelplay Rummy Website and download the app or create an online account. You have two options there. You can either create an account or you can just login through Facebook. Khelplay Rummy understands that players like to play the game the way they are accustomed to play it. That is why Khelplay Rummy has options to play with 10 cards as well as with 21 cards. Let us revise rummy rules before telling you the merits of playing the game online:

  • Rummy can be played between 2, 3 or more players
  • It can be played with 10 cards or with 21 cards distributed to each player
  • The main aim of the game is to create two sequences and two sets
  • One of the two sequences need to be natural, that is made without using a joker
  • When the two sequences are created, the player is said to have got life
  • Apart from the existing jokers, the one cut from the deck is also treated as a joker

How is Online Rummy the better alternative?

While you need to have a deck of cards and players who are keen on playing when you decide to play rummy offline, this is not the case when you decide to play the game online. That is what makes the experience altogether different.

You Do Not Need Other Players

You just need a good internet connection speed and you can play Rummy Games Free without wasting a penny. You don’t have to waste time persuading others to play as there are interested players online.

You Do Not Need a Deck of Cards

That sure is yet another benefit. Since it is a virtual game of cards, you do not require a deck.

It is a Thrill to Play with Strangers

When you play with people you know, you almost always know their strategies. There is however a thrill in playing with strangers and learning while playing how they play their game.

You Can Make Money Legally

Yes, and you won’t be regarded gambling if you play rummy online and make a few bucks. Ofcourse there are limits to how much you can play online in a day.

No Scope for Cheating

And that sure is the best part. Since you cannot cheat in an online game, you have to actually use your brains to strategize and come up with new ideas.

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