Unusual Furniture Arrangements That Work

Gone are the days when homes all looked the same, from the patios right down to the white picket fence. These days, architects are designing homes with personalities as different as the ones who live in them. The product of these atypical homes is that rooms look quite different, walls appear where they shouldn’t normally be making it somewhat of a designer’s nightmare. With funky looking homes, it’s time for furniture arrangements to also go on the wild side.

If you share the same designing dilemma, it’s time to get creative with these fresh and anything but ordinary furniture arrangements:

For Large Spaces

If you have a large space, sometimes the extra floor space can be more of a curse than a blessing. Instead of having your sofas perpendicular to each other in the form of an L-shape, what you can do is to place them back-to-back of each other. The great thing about doing so is that you don’t have to block any windows and you can create two seating groups in the process.

By dividing your large space into two seating groups, you are able to design your space without the use of large furniture pieces or without the space looking too bare.

A Fireplace for Your Kitchen

Nick Scali furniture experts also presented  another design conundrum – having a fireplace in your kitchen. Make you have a small kitchen or a small dining room and you want to tear down the wall between it and another room to make more space.

The problem is that that other room has a fireplace. What do you do? Does it seem very weird to have a fireplace in your kitchen or your dining room? Well, it does not have to be. In fact, a dining table next to a fireplace is nothing but romantic. And in cold winter nights, it’s a comfort to find out that you can always enjoy the crackling noise of a lit hearth.

Dining Room for Your Formal Parlor

A formal parlor was restricted to having nothing but a sofa and a piano in the olden days (and maybe some selections of liquor, too). However, those days are long gone. If you enjoy to munch while you entertain friends, then there’s nothing wrong with exchanging the commonly referred to pieces of furniture for a round table and a set of some very comfortable chairs. A formal parlor with a dining room set-up is actually a great place to have intimate as well as animated conversations in.

Unusual Bedroom Configurations

Oftentimes, twin beds are lined up next to each other. However, there are rooms which are lengthy but cannot accommodate two beds side by side. Your solution? Why not line up the beds with their headboards back-to-back with each other. On top of the space saving advantage, this type of formation also allows some bit of privacy for each sleeper since they will be facing opposite directions.

On the other hand, if you have three sleepy heads, why not have three twin beds in one row? If it’s the normal for two twin beds, why shouldn’t it work for three?

Jade Howell, a professional interior designer and writer, shares the best tips when it comes to home furniture. She has several interesting suggestions when decorating indoor spaces at home.

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