Hiring The Right DJ Equipment For Your Next Event

Sound equipment engineers can seem like they are talking a different language with their jargon and technical terms. So when you need DJ Equipment hire it pays to talk to a knowledgeable, but friendly and trustworthy, company who can translate everything into layman’s terms.

What are you planning?

One question they will ask is what type of event you will be hosting. The type of equipment needed to make announcements during an in-store promotion is not the same as the setup they would supply for to a nightclub. If you don’t know where to begin then start by telling your sound services company what you’re planning.

Hiring The Right DJ Equipment For Your Next Event

Where are you hosting it?

Once your hire company knows whether you’re looking to amplify a guest speaker after dinner or provide background music to a party they will want to know where your venue is. They may even want to visit it and perform a site survey before recommending a set of equipment if they think there could be tricky wall coverings or odd ceiling heights that could affect the quality of sound reproduced. A quality company should be asking you lots of questions at this point – not bombarding you with technical details!

Any special requests?

A final question you may be asked is if there are any special requests. Perhaps your license means you have to turn the volume down at 11 pm or your star turn demands a particular brand of microphone. Even if you don’t understand the implications by choosing a top-notch DJ equipment hire company you can be sure that they will.

Getting it in writing

When hosting a large event it can be important to show the local authority, venue owners, and performers, that you have crossed all the Ts and dotted the Is. You should get a full quote for your hire (possibly even including a 3D rendering of where the equipment will be installed).  The paperwork should also include details of the company’s public liability insurance (against poorly installed or faulty equipment), PAT certificates for all mains powered equipment, and a full set of risk assessments and method statements. Even if your event is small enough that no one seems bothered it is a mark of excellence if your chosen sound engineers offer all that information unprompted.

Choice of equipment

Another way in which you can tell that you are dealing with a long-established and reputable company (apart from simply asking them how much experience they have) is if they have access to a large array of different types and brands.

Most sound engineers will have a favorite – that’s human nature – but if the company you are dealing with seems inordinately keen to blind you with the technical specifications of a single set up it could be that that’s all they can offer. A company with lots of experience of setting up equipment in diverse venues (sometimes ones never intended to be used for large events) will have a range of equipment they can offer and will talk you through the choices in easy to understand and clear language.

Let’s face it: all you really care about is if the speakers will be loud enough, clear enough and able to cover a wide enough area so enough people can hear your event without annoying the neighbors. You don’t want to have to learn the difference between a tri-concentric stage wedge and a rotary mixer in order to play a bit of music at your next corporate party. That’s why you want to pay a well-established, highly experienced, knowledgeable and competent DJ Equipment hire company.

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