5 Things The Dentist Can Tell You by Looking At Your Child’s Teeth

Did you know that the mouth can tell a dentist a lot of things about a child’s overall health? Yes, not just about the oral health. Guildford Dentists see the mouth as the window to the body. Just by checking the mouth of your child, the dentist can diagnose a number of illnesses, including:


If your child’s gums have lost its reddish color and have turned pink or white, then it could indicate iron deficiency. After checking your child’s mouth, the dentist can have an idea if your child has anemia.

Nail Biting

Nail biting is another condition a dentist can discern by looking at your child’s mouth. Signs like chips and cracks on the teeth, plus wear and tear from the consistent stress on the teeth can make them uneven and can result in pain and discomfort on the jaws. Kids that nail bite using their front teeth normally have front teeth that are leveled and flat. The nails aren’t the cause for the teeth damage, but for the contact between the top and bottom teeth.

Thumb Sucking

According to research, kids that suck their thumbs can suffer from long-term negative effects. For kids with a history of such habit, a dentist can see changes from their bite and teeth positioning during a dental checkup.

Love for Sugary Drinks

Chipped tooth are caused by a number of underlying factors that weaken the tooth and make it prone to getting chipped. Drinking sodas or sugary drinks can soften the teeth, which makes the teeth prone to chipping.

Sinus Infection

Sometimes a sinus infection can be mistaken for a toothache. The reason as to why the soreness caused by the two varying illnesses can be mistaken for because the roots of the top teeth are situated in the area where the floor of the sinuses is. Both illnesses have symptoms that include pressure in that area.

If your kid complains of a toothache, let him or her bend to touch her feet. If there is increase discomfort after doing this, the pressure is likely due to a sinus infection.

If you need to see a dentist, contact them at Guildford Dental Clinic.

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