5 Things First Time Visitors To Utah Should Know

5 Things First Time Visitors To Utah Should Know

One of the greatest states in the nation for road trips, Utah has been attracting thousands of travelers in their RV rentals for many decades. This unique and beautiful state is home to some of the top national parks and a wide array of different types of terrains and sights. From desert beauty to snow packed slopes, Utah has a little something for everyone within its borders. There are many dozens of RV parks offering top accommodations for travelers, and the overall vibe is laid back and very welcoming for visitors. There are a variety of stunning sights here that cannot be duplicated in any other state in the country. Here you have some of the best skiing in the world, dozens of top class hiking trails, plus a plethora of thrilling activities from rafting to climbing. Any road trip enthusiast would be making a mistake to leave Utah off their list. If you are planning your exciting first journey to this wondrous state, take these places into account.

The National Parks

Utah is home to several of the most famous and breathtaking national parks, all within a close driving distance of one another. First you have Zion National Park which features long stretches of the state’s most breathtaking scenery. Here you have outstanding waterfalls, red rock cliffs, and vast panoramas like something from another world. This is truly a hiker’s paradise, with many trails showcasing terrain that you just won’t find anywhere else in the nation.

Another must-see is Arches National Park, where you can witness gravity defying stone arches and other massive rock formations, not to mention Devil’s Canyon and a number of singular sites within this vast and unique wilderness.

Other famous national parks include Bryce Canyon where fantastic stone pillars rise from the earth’s surface, and Capitol Reef with its cliffs and rock spires overlooking unbelievable hiking trails.

Monument Valley

At The Monument you will find red rock buttes rising up from the blazing orange desert.  Red mesas and stone pinnacles make for some of the most unique sites to be found anywhere in the world, which must be the reason why so many movies, television shows, and commercials have been shot here.

Private tours can be arranged at the visitor center if you want to get a real deep look at the park interior. Visitors can take their RV rentals into the park with the help of a guide. This is highly recommended since the view from the Monument Valley Visitor Center is particularly stunning and is easily one of the best viewpoints in the entire scenic area.

Salt Lake City and the Mormon Temple

It is worth mentioning that Salt Lake City itself is highly worth a visit. There are numerous attractions here that make it a great stop along your Utah route. One must-see is the Mormon Temple, which is an impressive structure built in the 19th century. Although only Mormons can enter the temple, standing on Temple Square and gazing upon this historic structure is highly recommended. Also keep in mind that Salt Lake City is a lively town with a number of amazing restaurants and shopping opportunities, making this a wonderful urban stop on your otherwise outdoor activity fueled Utah road trip.

Ski Resorts

If you’re into the slopes, then you will find yourself in ski heaven when passing through Utah. In the Park City area alone you have Park City Mountain Resort and the legendary Deer Valley Resort, not to mention Utah Olympic Park which was famously used for the 2002 Winter Olympics. Needless to say, any ski enthusiast will find much to love in this region, so plan a long stay in Park City so that you can sample these world-class resorts.


If it’s hardcore outdoor adventure you’re after, then make sure to hit up the town of Moab. This will put you within close reach of Canyonlands, Arches, and even Dead Horse Point State Park. When staying in Moab, you will be within just a short drive of the best hiking, biking, rafting, and off-roading to be found in the state. The scenery surrounding Moab is some of the most unique and breathtaking terrain to be found in the state, featuring panoramic mountain views and petrified dunes stretching for miles in all directions.

There are many reasons why Utah ranks as one the top destinations for road trippers in the country. Each year many thousands of travelers jump in their RV rentals and hit the Utah highways to experience the singular scenery, the high abundance of thrilling outdoor activities from hiking to climbing to rafting, and to hit up Salt Lake City to check out the Temple and experience the lively atmosphere. If you don’t have Utah on your bucket lest for road trips, then your list just isn’t complete.

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