Stone Veneer Siding- As Good As The Real Thing

Stone Veneer Siding- As Good As The Real Thing

Stone is a natural material. It has been used over time for construction. But it is heavy and expensive. A practical solution to this is stone veneer. It is thin and lightweight and is cut from natural raw material which is extracted from quarries or it is made from cement. Afterwards paint is applied on it. The look of stone can be had at an affordable rate and the issues of weight of stone are also handled.

The first difference between natural stone veneer and fabricated or faux stone veneer is the size. Natural stone can only be cut to a required size so that the structure does not have to be reinforced to support the additional weight.  Fabricated stone veneer is made by casting lightweight material in molds and then painted to resemble real stone. These products are lighter, less expensive, cause less wastage and environmentally friendly. This is exactly the type of material which is in demand today.

Stone looks very attractive and is eye catching. It is generally associated with expensive and lavish homes. Deciding to go with stone veneer siding will cost you a lot, so you should be prepared to spend on this high end product. So people tend to go for quality rather than quantity. They tend to use it to accentuate already existing design features like arches, entryways or above doors and windows. This adds a beautiful and elegant touch to the look of the house. Besides, it is easy to install as it can be put on the top of the siding which is already there. There are other areas where stone veneer siding can be used for its aesthetic appeal such as the patio, outdoor pools or outdoor kitchens or even the private bar in the house. Inside the house, it can be used on accent walls, kitchens and bathrooms also. Stone veneer siding adds charm and a sense of homely warmth, although it may seem to be cold.

As with other building material, there is a wide variety to choose from in stone veneer also. As it is fabricated material, it is designed according to market trends and can also be customized to suit the needs of the buyer.

Faux stone veneer siding is protected from UV degradation by the paint.  The plastic is damaged over time by UV rays. As far as UV degradation is concerned, the real stone is the best. It is strong enough to withstand constant exposure to the elements such as the sun or rain. But, if faux stone veneer has been used on the outside of the house, even the rubbing of tree branches will erase the paint and then the faux stone is exposed to nature. This is not good for the material and it will get damaged easily.

Insect infestation also affects faux stone. The insects do not actually eat the material but they nest in it which is not good for the house. So only treated faux stone should be used. Some faux stone veneer is fire rated and can be used in fireplaces.

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