How To Transition Into A Tech Career

How To Transition Into A Tech Career

Making a career switch at any point in life can be both exciting and intimidating. With a projected growth of 11%  in computer and information technology careers between 2019 and 2029, transitioning into a tech career is a worthwhile investment. The ability to code can also boost your present career regardless of the field you choose.

Whether you just lost your job or you simply discovered your passion for technology, it is never too late to make the transition and succeed in your new career path. Below are a few tips to guide you into successfully switching to a tech career and making the best out of it.

1. Assess Your Chances of Success

Before making a career change to a tech field, you need to establish whether the step you are making is worth it as some people tend to excel in certain fields more than others. You can do this by looking at your interests and figuring out what you are looking for in a job. The good thing is that once you have made up your mind to venture into tech, investing time and resources in it always pays off.

You don’t need to have a background in information technology or be good in math to break into the career as you can always start from wherever you are. As long as you are curious, creative, and have an interest in problem-solving, you are well on your way to hacking a career in tech.

2. Find Your Ideal Position

Once you have established that a career in technology is right for you, you need to find a crossover position. There are numerous options in the IT field ranging from programming to cybersecurity that you can pursue. You can also build on your current profession by finding a position that relates to it for example if you love numbers or work in the finance department, you can consider data science or data analyst jobs.

How To Transition Into A Tech Career

The best way to find your ideal crossover position is by reading as numerous IT job descriptions as possible and speaking to IT professionals. This way you can align your interests and job expectations to a position that best suits you. You can also watch YouTube videos and attend webinars about technology trends to help you make the right choice.

3. Fill the Existing Skill Gap

The best way to gain the necessary skills for your dream tech career is by registering for relevant training. Fortunately, there are numerous training options to choose from both online and offline that can effectively equip you for your desired job. You can also utilize programs like GI Bill benefits to help you pursue your interest in coding if you are an ex-military member.

As you set to acquire the necessary skills, it’s recommended to choose training options that allow you to solve real-world problems. This way, you can put your knowledge into practice and hone your skills in preparation for your future job.  Also, consider getting a certification as it’ll complement your current credentials and open doors to more lucrative employment opportunities. You don’t need a degree as attending a boot camp is enough to help you build a foundation for your career.

4. Put Your Knowledge into Practice

As you strive to gather as much information and knowledge as possible related to your field of interest, you must channel your efforts to gaining practical experience. You can collaborate with tech professionals on your current job on projects and take up tasks you know you can handle. If you can’t find a paid job, you can gain experience through volunteering, internships as well as part-time jobs.

When scouting for IT companies to work with, look for the ones that best aligns with your goals. Also, t that although most internships and volunteering opportunities may not be paid. However, the experience you gain will go a long way to help you secure your dream job in the long run.

5. Get a Mentor and Network

When venturing into any career, having the right support goes a long way in helping you achieve your dreams. Whether you aspire to be a data analyst or a web developer, you should look for a mentor to coach and guide you on the ins and outs of your new career. Your mentor can also help you network with the right people in the industry so you can progress in your career.

Also, market your skills to as many people as you can and develop relationships with already established professionals. The networks you create can connect you to your dream job and hold your hand as you progress.

Remember that technology is always evolving and you should always look out for trends so you can upgrade your skills to match the current environment. With the above tips, you can tailor your resume to suit the job descriptions of your dream job and begin your journey towards securing employment in the field of your choice.

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