Bicycle Accidents, Their Causes, And What Can Be Done

Being knocked off your bike, or being thrown from your bike, can be extremely painful, and as well as the immediate pain it causes, it can also leave you with long term negative effects and loss. Serious injuries can impede your daily life and prevent you from being able to lead a normal life, and because of the lack of protection that is afforded by the bike itself, it is sometimes down to luck as to whether or not you suffer such a serious injury.

Bicycle accidents can be caused by any of a number of events or incidents. In some cases, it is the fault of the rider themselves. If you haven’t left enough room when cornering, you can find yourself hitting the curb, or if you aren’t paying full attention to the road ahead or behind you may cause an accident yourself. In these cases, because the accident is considered your fault, you can’t claim compensation. However, if the fault for the accident lies with somebody else or with another party then you could claim.

Other cyclists, drivers, and even pedestrians can all pose a hazard to cyclists, especially if they are not paying full attention or do not give the appropriate time and distance to cyclists. It will be necessary for your solicitor to be able to show that the other party was at fault, but if this can be done then you should be entitled to compensation from the party that was at fault for your injuries.

Even cases where a driver or passenger has opened the door of a car, leaving you no time to slow or evade the potential hazard, can lead to compensation being awarded by the courts. So too can cases where poorly maintained road surfaces were the culprit, or where a spill or fallen debris has caused you to come off. These can prove highly complex and complicated cases, but with the help of experienced solicitors, you still have a good chance of being able to claim compensation.

Compensation figures are determined according to the level of loss that you suffer as a result of an accident, and they will take into account any repairs to your bike and any replacements of items like your helmet and other personal belongings. The court should account for any medical and care costs that are required, and they should also look at your loss of earnings over the course of your rehabilitation. If the injuries you have suffered were serious, then you may also receive compensation to help pay for ongoing care, and to pay to have your home or other vehicle modified according to your new requirements.

Bicycle accidents can have serious consequences, and it isn’t just you that might suffer loss as a result. If you were unable to earn money for the next year, would your family be able to support themselves? It is your right to claim compensation if you have suffered loss as a result of the action or negligence of another person or party.

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