5 Reasons Why Tree Trimming Is Important

Keeping your trees trimmed is an important part of your regular property upkeep. Not only will this preserve the overall health and integrity of your trees, but it can also make your property much safer. Following are five reasons why you should add tree trimming to your ongoing maintenance plan right now.

Eliminate Dead Or Dying Branches

Trimming your trees gives you the opportunity to get rid of weak, insect-infested, dead or dying branches. This will limit additional decay and prevent these branches from sapping nutrients and life away from the remaining, healthy portion of the tree by continuing to draw energy from the trunk. With these branches gone, the desirable portions of your tree will be able to grow stronger and flourish.

It is also important to note these efforts can limit the likelihood of having a weak or dead branch fall on an unsuspecting party or cause damage to nearby automobiles or building structures. Not tending to your trees can leave you open to a number of potentially devastating liability issues. Trees that are not trimmed can grow into power lines and cause other, costly problems.

Increase The Quantity Of A Crop

Pruning fruit trees can actually improve the size, quantity and quality of the fruits that are produced. This is something that you should do during the late winter in order to strategically shape your trees and ensure that the tree centers have adequate access to sunlight. Pruning additionally creates a shapely foundation for optimal growth all throughout the months of spring. Trimming trees that do not produce fruit will also create marked increases in flowers and leaves, thereby enhancing their overall aesthetic beauty.

Enhance The Overall Structure Of Your Trees

When trees are regularly trimmed, their branches become far less likely to grow with weak crotches or begin crossing each other to compete for space at the tree’s crown. This also makes trees less likely to develop branches that are weak by ensuring that all healthy, desirable parts can flourish.

Train Your Tree For Shape

If you have recently planted new trees on your property, you should prune them regularly in order to train them and cultivate the desired shapes. This will additionally compensate for any root loss that has occurred and give you the opportunity to identify and address any growth issues while these are still relatively easy to correct.

Create A Brighter And More Expansive View

By trimming your trees, you can give your entire property an all new look. This a great way to open your property up, increase the amount of natural light that is available and create a better view. You can do this seasonally to keep the property bright, airy and open and to limit your reliance upon artificial, daytime lights.

Tree trimming is an important task for a number of reasons. These efforts are essential for keeping homes, power lines, autos, people and secondary building structures safe. They can also play a major role in promoting optimal tree health, attractive tree shapes and impressive fruit crops among other things.

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