Know About Applications That Act As Real-Time Translator

Know About Applications That Act As Real-Time Translator

Translation is one of the most difficult jobs and plays a vital role to adjust in this competitive world. There is a constant demand to perform translation from one language to desired language in order to share information. Earlier, if you need translation, then you need to go through books or internet. If you want to give your iPhone a boost then it is time to pick application for translation which will help you globally. The application will support translation work done in quick and efficient manner. So, there are some interesting applications for iPhone which supports translation as listed below:

Word Lens

Word Lens is a translation application that primary recognizes printed word and translates it into desired languages using an optical character recognition technique. You can capture any sign or text from phone’s camera and translate it into desired language that looks in the form of augmented reality. Earlier, you need to select the source and desired language and then press button every time whenever you want to start translation. But, now the application is much better as there is no need to press extra buttons and translation is done instantly for any confusing sign or text that you come across. Currently, Apple’s iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android smartphone supports this application. Till now, this application is available to perform translation from Spanish to English and vice versa. So, this application is surprisingly good enough to perform simple and quick translation of menus or road signs.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a multilingual application that lets you type and speak any words and instantly performs translation from one language to another. Currently, this service supports 90 languages so you can perform translation for any available language free of cost. Google Translator is available for both Android and iPhone.


Navita is the translation software available for Blackberry users that allow to translate any text instantly. Currently, this translator supports English, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese interfaces. Apart from this, it allows to send your translated text to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter in the form of mail or text. The translator can integrate with any application, e.g., browser and is compatible with all devices.

Odyssey Translator Pro

Odyssey Translator is a unique technique that helps to break travel phrases into parts, and you can create your sentences. Native speakers record the voice files that helps to perform translation for most travel situations such as booking a hotel room, calling a taxi, etc. This iPhone application allows to construct sentences that would help you during your visit to another country. Hence, you will not feel uncomfortable in any foreign country and can easily communicate with the natives of the country.

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