5 Mistakes That Spoil Your Mobile Phone

5 Mistakes That Spoil Your Mobile Phone

The mobile phone has become an indispensable technological means in the lives of many people who cannot imagine life without it. However, the life of a mobile phone is sometimes shortened to misuse it. To optimally care for a mobile phone from the beginning is advisable to follow the instructions properly the shop assistant phone. The phones of today are closer to a computer than to the traditional landlines prices. So when you buy one, it is not surprising that arise all kinds of fear and warnings around it, such as “do not use your phone while charging” or “do not let it connected all night.” But most of these precautions are just a waste of time.

5 Mistakes That Spoil Your Mobile Phone

There are some simple mistakes to avoid and to help you prolong the life of your mobile phone for as long as possible:

1. The desire to be permanently connected is what makes many people never turn off your mobile phone. It is advisable to switch off your phone at certain times, eg overnight. Think that doing this not only takes care of your mobile phone but also to reduce stress. There are many times of the day where you do not need the phone.

2. Another point to consider is to have the wifi or Bluetooth enabled spends a lot of battery. Avoiding this error can extend longer the battery of your phone without recharging it again sooner than necessary.

3. The mobile phone is also vulnerable to certain environmental factors. For example, avoid exposing your phone for a long time in the sun. Similarly, during the days of beach in summer prevents your phone can be filled with sand. Many mobile phones are also spoiled by being in contact with moisture. Avoid leaving your phone in the bathroom while you take a shower.

4. Often errors when loading the mobile phone is also committed. A common error is to have it charging for longer than necessary. This is the case of those who put their phone on charge at night and the next morning disconnected. Load a mobile without a form of spoil when the battery is full.

5. Neglecting proper cleaning of a mobile phone can also be a recurring failure. You can use a suitable cloth to clean your phone paying special attention to the area of the screen. You can also buy a screen saver which allows you to protect in a special way this area of your phone. Do not store the phone in places with dust.

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