20 Awesome Examples of 2013 Design Trends

Design is one of those things which changes regularly. Design trends that were hot and popular last year, are not necessarily as popular this year. Peoples opinions change, as do peoples tastes, and as designers we need to make sure we keep on top of the latest design trends to ensure we’re able to do our job properly still and engage with the public – whatever trends they’re looking out for.

I have gathered a fantastic selection of great designs which follow suit with the latest 2013 design trends. These designs should help you to come up with your own ideas and styling that blends in with the 2013 design trends. Keep an eye out for things like typography, clever use of space, colour and graphics, and try to pinpoint exactly what it is about each design that grabs your attention – if you can incorporate that into your own design work then you’ll see some amazing results.

If you compare the list of examples below to some of the recent printed marketing materials that have come through your letterbox, I can almost guarantee that none of them will include any of the modern elements which you see in the designs below. That’s where you can get a creative edge in your designs, just by staying on top of the current design trends and actually putting them to use in your work. If you can do that then your work will certainly stand out amongst the competition.

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