Ways To Upgrade Your Place Without Troubling Your Landlord

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I have been staying as a paying guest in an apartment for a long period now. Though I have been staying for some time in the same apartment I am annoyed with some of the things that are present in the house. The flat seems to be very outdated in its designs and the amenities available are in no way close to the modern day appliances and equipments used to make life easier.

Don’t upset your landlord with the minor modifications

I am having the experience of staying in an outdated flat and though you cannot completely change and modify the whole house as you are a renter but there are certain things that can be carried out. Moreover, you also need to ensure that you don’t upset the landlord while you carry out the upgrades of the apartment you are planning to stay as a paying guest for a long term.

How can you bring in changes without bothering your landlord?

  • Upgrading the kitchen area

Try to paint the stained and ugly door cabinets with the permission of the landlord and spice up the area with the inclusion of new knobs. When the kitchen area is small you can make use of the space by adding adhesive hooks, shelves and racks to organize the kitchen appliances and make it easier for use. With the permission from the landlord you can also invest money and replace the old refrigerators, gas stoves and other kitchen appliances. As a paying guest in Delhi for many years I have been successful in upgrading the kitchen area according to my convenience without bothering the landlord.

  • Upgrading the washroom

Bathroom is one area where the landlords don’t desire to invest much money and the maintenance is also low in respect to the fixtures and other plumbing requirements. As a renter you can bring in some minor modifications in terms of exchanging of the old fixtures with new one. New towel racks, toilet paper holder, shower heads, taps and faucets can be newly installed in accordance to your tastes and preferences and the landlords usually don’t mind giving you the permission to do so. You can even include a cabinet in your bathroom to store the stuffs necessary and offer your washroom areas with a new appearance.

  • Modifications in the rest of the house

The minor changes that you can bring in to the kitchen and bathroom areas in an apartment you don’t have many options to do with the rest of the house. But still you can include lightning fixtures at the proper positions, change the window blinds and update the door locks with smart security lock systems and make use of the adhesive shelves and cabinets in the living room. All these actions will not trouble your landlord and he or she might give you the permission to do so as well.


The above mentioned are some of the upgrades that can be carried out by you as a member in a paid hostel or any other city without bothering the landlord.

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