Tips To Repair Your Asphalt Driveway

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This is natural with asphalt driveways to develop potholes and cracks after some time. The damage is the result of exposing to different kinds of elements. You can always repair your own asphalt paving; this is quick, easy and cost-effective also. You can get your drive way back to the proper condition by working on weekend only. The process is so simple that you can repair it in a weekend, provided there are basic repairs only.

Getting Started

Before starting the repair work, it is imperative on your part to prime each area which you want to patch. The repairs will be long-lasting if you are using a primer adequately. This will make the asphalt connect to the area properly. Generally, asphalt coating is the best primer used for this purpose. This is not a lengthy step and you can perform it in a few moments with the help of paving san jose. Before the starting to put the primer, it is obvious to remove debris from that area. This debris can be anything from pebbles to grass or any large or unwanted object, which may play as a hindrance in your patch. The debris will serve as a barrier to the surrounding asphalt.

Start by cleaning the hole, you can do the cleaning with water. Make sure to use heavy pressure so that the small grass and pebbles more from that area. After the cleaning process is over, leave it for some time to let it dry. It is advised to start the repair work on a warm sunny day, this will help you in finishing the work in due time. After you have cleaned the area and applied primer now you can move on to fill the holes and cracks.

When to Fill

Most of the people are not aware as when to fill the portholes or a crack. It is advised to fill it if it is larger than 2-3 inches. I have seen many homeowners rely on small tubes. You can also use these tools; they are easy to handle and simple to work with especially, while filling the smaller holes and cracks in your driveway. While doing the repair work, fill each hole with the asphalt compound which you have prepared for the work. To give a smooth finishing use a flat edged tool. This will help you in flattening and smoothening the surface.

Other than this, you may need to do larger repairs on your driveway. In that case a small amount of asphalt cannot handle it. In order to do the larger repair works, purchase a mix which is available in the market for the larger repair. This ready to use material contains larger pieces of gravel and sand. How to do the instructions are given on the package and read them carefully before mixing the asphalt. After putting the mix in the crack bring it with the level to the surrounding area. After san jose asphalt repair has finished the repair work, do not drive over the surface because it can push the material down.

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