Fact or Myth About Weight Loss

There are dozens of diets that promise quick fixes for the fat problem. But some rules are found at the boundary between truth and myth.

Fast diets are effective

False. Fast diets are a scam, all the specialists say, the effect of tissue removal surface water and possibly a deep cleaning of intestines, making apparently to lose, even 4-5 kg.

“Maybe we should ask why diets fast last a week, ten days maximum, and all promise weight loss of up to five kilograms,” says Dr. Alain Delabos, in his book. Nutrition doctor says the same fast diets are effective “if you want to fit into a dress, and the party can not be delayed, but in fact they make a great disservice to the figure for the yo-yo effect is very pronounced and is manifested in full .

If you are hungry and not eat you’ll lose weight

False, and not only false but also very dangerous. Even in periods of diet, nutrients the body needs that can not get just by eating. Starvation is a potentially serious of major metabolic disorders, some of which may be irreversible. Starvation severely weakens the body and affect vital functions.

The best diet is a balanced, stretched over a long period of time, the best three to six months to ensure a slow weight loss. Long-term diet alone reduces the risk yo-yo effect. The best advice is to avoid starvation and to allocate more than three large meals a day, divided into six small equal meals.

All the carbohydrates are bad

False and dangerous! The body needs carbohydrates for fuel they are providing a normal functioning heart and brain. In addition, carbohydrates slow digestion process and give a feeling of fullness.

A slow digestion is very important when you follow a diet. The difference is the type of food a “sweet” that you eat and its glycemic index. The idea is that bread has a high glycemic index, will be digested and assimilated quickly, while beans or cauliflower will last long into the intestine.

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