How To Make Your Children Watch Less Television

How To Make My Children Watch Less Television

When television did not exist children helped their parents, playing with other children, etc. Today children spend many hours in front of the television. And more such children whose parents work long hours and may not be for their children, a way to keep them distracted is with television. But that does no good for children. On one hand, you want your child enjoy something you like, but on the other, do not want to do it in excess. Several studies have found a link between the times children watch television with childhood obesity, among other problems.

Continue reading this article because we give you some tips how to make your children watch less television.

  • The first thing you have to be clear before asking something your children is that they act as they see. That is, if your kids see you all day on TV, you get hard they do not. Note that the best teaching is the best example.
  • Set up a schedule to watch TV and have it fulfilled. You will see that over the years were right. Note that you are the parent and your child has to listen to you.
  • You have to watch the shows that your children watch, because they have to be commensurate with their age. Also love to watch those programs that are in fashion for children, because the next day they share their ideas and comments with friends and classmates.
  • If you take away hours of TV you have to fill with other activities, for example you can offer them to read books, stories or magazines. Then you can discuss and comment on what they have read and will spend a day time together.
  • If you have money, you can enroll your children in English or any other language. The brains of children are able to acquire a lot of information and they learn easier and faster. You will see that when they are older will thank you.
  • Another way to make your children watch less television and then to fill his spare time, he is pointing them to do some sport. So in addition to entertain your children will be in shape.


Aim your children to do a sport that you like them: swimming, football, etc. It is highly recommended that you do not put a TV in your child’s room and also that you keep it turned off during mealtime.

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