Get That Sun Kissed Look Without Effort

Who will not want to look drop dead gorgeous with that sun kissed look? You do not really have to be under the sun to get that bronzed look. Sun’s rays are found to be harmful to the human body. You can get that tanned look without really having to face the UV rays using the variety of sunless tanning cosmetic products available in the market. If you are not really a fan of applying makeup or cosmetics on yourself, you can always walk down to your salon or spa and get a spray on tan. If you are not keen on exchanging your wallet for the tan, you can do it yourself by buying the self tanners. Remember not all self tanning products are the same. These products are available in the form of creams, sprays and pills. It is also possible to get your skin tanned by consuming certain foods high in anti-oxidants in large quantities as they will produce a change in the color of the outermost skin layer.

Most of the tanners work on your skin through the presence of a color additive which turns the top layer of your skin (usually dead cells) into the tan color. The color additive used in different products varies. It has been found that the additive cantaxanthin is not really safe when used in large quantities. Remember that the tan usually stays only for a few days. If you are planning to appear tanned for a party, schedule your tanning session one day before. Below are few tips that can help you get the perfect tan.

Get That Sun Kissed Look Without Effort

Prepare For Tanning – Clean your skin before applying the tan. Exfoliate your skin if you want a lighter tan. If you are using a cream, remember that you should give it around a quarter of an hour to dry before you dress. Make sure you will not be disturbed for the time of tanning. If you want the tanning to look even, you need to get it done around the same time. Give a couple of hours or more for the tan to settle in before you use water or go under the sun (sweat too can play havoc with your tan settling in)

Continue using moisturizer & sunscreen – Having a tan on your body does not mean you are protected from the rays. Use your regular skin care products to maintain your skin even when you have a tan.

Buy A Good Product – Choose a product that is manufactured by a reputed cosmetic manufacturer. Read the ingredient labels carefully before choosing the cream.

Decide Area Of Tan – There are different products available for use on body, legs, face, etc., some of the creams are not recommended for use on face near the eyes, nose or mouth. If you want a tan on your face too, use a product that is designed for use on the face and read the instructions carefully before applying.

Choose The Right Color – You should choose the color of tan depending on your complexion. For people with fair skin, light tan will suit better. People with darker complexion might need a deeper tan.

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Owen Ormsley gives reasons why to go for when looking for self tanners and perfect skin care products. The self tanners can easily produce a nice and natural looking tan.

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