Cloud Computing – Time To Become A Reseller To Capitalise On This Rapidly Growing Industry

Cloud Computing – Time To Become A Reseller To Capitalise On This Rapidly Growing Industry

Cloud computing is growing tremendously and it is high time to capitalise on it by becoming a reseller. As a cloud computing reseller what you have to do is reselling online data backup and server disaster recovery solutions to your own customer base after buying them from a provider. As a reseller, you buy backup solutions and resell them to your own customer keeping your profit margin. You can also be a valued added reseller (VAR) and as VAR you can complement or combine cloud products or services with some additional value or functionality. For instance, combining photo editing software with cloud storage service, you can leverage the value of software product.

Let’s take a look at how you are going to be benefited as a reseller:

No expenditure in developing infrastructure: As you become a cloud reseller, you do not need to invest in developing your own infrastructure as no up-front investment is required; you can earn recurring revenue by providing cloud computing services to all of your clients. As an IT service provider you can expand your product line by reselling.

Earn monthly revenue: Cloud computing has huge prospects and it is increasing at a rapid pace. You can take this opportunity to earn recurring monthly revenue. As a cloud reseller, you can offer cloud services to each one of your clients and that too without spending anything on building your own infrastructure.

Widen your product line: Opting for working as a cloud computing reseller, you can broaden your business horizon; from on-premise IT solutions you can migrate to hosted cloud solutions and you can be provided with everything from cloud infrastructure to business continuity to online backup to software licensing.

You are free to customise if you are looking to convey your brand. You can choose from wholesale offering or individual account. The cloud computing service provider will invoice you and you are free to invoice your client at a price that you choose.

You will be providing your clients with reliable, secure daily data backup service and as long as your clients use the service, you will enjoy earning recurring revenue. Added as an important service to your portfolio, it will retain your present clients and prevent them from moving away. As a reseller you don’t have anything to lose but winning a great deal in customer retention, confidence and a earning good source of recurring income without spending anything on infrastructure and technical expertise.

Moreover, as a reseller you do not have such targets to achieve. The on line data backups would automate the mundane task for you and your clients, both and let you be in peace of mind. You would generate recurring revenue and your bond with your clients will get strengthened.

When you are an existing reseller of IT goods and services, you are in a better position than others to sell cloud backup and storage to your customers. Performing a “correct” backup is essential for every business today; a backup which is not prone to error and is easy. Most of the medium and small sized companies are still using the “unstructured” poor backup methodologies and there is huge scope for cloud storage and backup to meet the needs as it is convenient, affordable and reliable. It is easily restorable as well.

The cloud backup industry is growing rapidly. As a cloud reseller, therefore, you can profit from it by providing your customers a much more efficient, reliable and secure online backup. So as you choose to work as a reseller, you have a lot to win in terms of customer retention and confidence. But the most important part is that you can ensure a recurring income for you by using the infrastructure and technical expertise of your cloud computing service provider.

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