What You Should Know Before Buying Hot Water Systems?

What You Should Know Before Buying Hot Water Systems?

Just like the other appliances which we use daily in our house, the hot water system is also among the one which we need to have. It has become a necessity, especially, when the weather gets cooler. If you are considering buying a water heater, then you should buy the one which meets your needs, and which is functional.

The pleasure of taking a bath with hot water can’t be beaten by any other joy, especially, when during winters. To have a great start to your day, you need to get a geyser installed in your house.

What You Should Know Before Buying Hot Water Systems?

Buying an appropriate hot water system is not easy. It is a huge task which you have to do on your own. It is difficult to select a geyser as there are two types of hot water systems that are available in the market. One is electric geyser and the other one is the gas geysers.

Here are a few things which you need to consider while buying hot water systems for your house within your budget.

#1. Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is one of the most important aspects which you have to consider before buying a hot water system. You must buy a good geyser which is extremely powerful and is capable of making cold water hot within seconds. Along with this, you also need to make sure that the geyser is energy efficient. There are various geysers available in the market that consumes less energy but are powerful as well.

#2. Design and Looks

The look and the design of the hot water system should match with your bathroom looks. It is, therefore, best to consider the look, size, shape, and color of the geyser.

What You Should Know Before Buying Hot Water Systems?

#3. Retailer Policies and Customer Service

A geyser is quite a sensitive thing and so, it needs regular maintenance from time to time. Before buying the right type of geyser from a store, you should check the policies and the customer services. The retailer must offer best customer services. For instance, in case, your geyser is under warranty and not working properly, you should be able to contact the retailer to ask him to provide you with a free-of-cost service as the product is under warranty.

#4. Auto Off

This is the most important aspect which you need to look in your geyser because at times, you may forget to switch off the geyser. With auto off, the geyser will be, automatically, switched off by itself.  This will, therefore, protect you from any type of accidental damage and will also help you to save energy.

What You Should Know Before Buying Hot Water Systems?

#5. Life of The Geyser and Its Maintenance

To enhance the life of your geyser, here are a few things which you should do.

  • You should switch off the geyser when not in use to avoid overheating of the geyser, which may result in wear and tear.
  • If you have a tank geyser then clean up the water tank at regular intervals to prevent rusting.
  • If there is any damage to the geyser, then you should, immediately, check for the warranty of the geyser.
  • You can ask the retailer for extra warranty as most of the geysers come with two years of warranty and two more years of warranty on some spare parts of the geyser.

#6. The Size of The Tank

It is said that a 40-gallon tank is perfect for a family of one to four members and 50 gallons is ideal for four to six members and so on. The water tank size should be as per your family needs. If your family or you tend to take shower for more than once in a day, you may either manage with the same tank or opt for a little more sized tank.

The energy consumption of the hot water systems is as per the tank size, so choose wisely.

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