Preventive Measures For Avoiding Blocked Drains

You must have encountered over flowing and blocked toilets in commercial buildings. If you are a drain technician at a commercial building then this perhaps is the most frequently encountered problem. Even though commercial buildings like office buildings, school buildings and hospitals have expert technicians and exceptional quality waste management system, still such problems are quite common. In this article we will try to understand why such problems relating to blocked drains are encountered so often and what can we do in order to avoid these issues in future?

  • The Problem is not Technical but Behavioral:

Commercial buildings are designed with large drains that can handle a lot of waste and grey water. Most of the times when the problem of blocked drains raises its ugly head at such buildings, it’s not a technical problem but a problem related to the behavioral aspect of the people who use its facilities. It’s quite common for children to drop plastic toys in the toilet. Plastic is a non biodegradable material. Once it goes down the toilet, it stays there permanently. Over the time such objects get accumulated and pose a blockage to the free flow of waste and grey water. Ultimately it leads to a blocked drain. Even older students and teachers use toilets for disposing all sought of materials. You can frequently see that students throw bottle caps and paper chunks in the toilet. Disposing such materials in the toilet leads to a blocked drain. Sometimes the problem becomes so difficult to rectify that there is no other option but to call a drainage service. This problem can be avoided by educating the people about the importance of keeping the drains unblocked.

  • Before Washing the Floors, Sweep Them:

Sometimes in a hurry to finish the job, people from the cleaning department do not sweep the floors before washing them. Throughout the day, a lot of people enter and exit the commercial buildings and during their course of visit, a lot of them drop all kinds of materials on the floors. From chewing gums to pen caps, you can find all sought of small objects lying on the floor. If the floor is washed without first sweeping it, then these small objects flow into the floor drain. Over the time these small objects get accumulated and block the drain. Since most of these objects are made from non biodegradable materials, once your drain gets blocked, there is no choice left but to call the professional drainage cleaning service guys.

  • Put up Posters Appealing to People not to Throw Objects on the Floor and in the Toilets:

As we said in the beginning, the problem is behavioral and not technical. You must encourage people not to throw random objects down the drain and to use their discretion in such cases. Putting up posters in the bathrooms and hallways can prove to be quite effective as it will remind them not to use the toilet as a waste disposal pit. Once the people understand their role and responsibility, the problem can be avoided easily.

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