What To Wear For A Vacation?

What To Wear For A Vacation

People may say that men don’t have much to choose from. But that isn’t true. What is true is that there is so much variety that people get confused. So, sometimes it gets difficult to understand what to wear where. Mens casual shoes are what we are looking for, so, here’s a list of the stuff you can wear on a vacation.

  • Some sturdy travel boots: The best ones are thick, brown, leather boots. These are perfect for a vacation, as they can be used in a rough and tough manner and still look superb. These are perfect in both summers and winters, and you can pull it off with a rugged pair of jeans.
  • Hiking: You need something light and strong for hikes. So, light walking shoes will do, but if you want something even lighter, go in for shoes with thick padding. These look like walking shoes but will withstand way more than that. This is a goodinvestment because these are long lasting and will look totally awesome even in the city.
  • Long drives: Sitting in a car for long duration’s can be tiring. Ironic, right? Well, if you are sitting in a cramped space with your leg shuffling between clutch, accelerator, and gear, something light and breathable is what is needed. Moccasins are what will be perfect for this. They are lightweight and pliable. The only limitation is the thin padding underneath. So, you can take short strolls, or walk around for a bit. You can’t take long walks, because your legs would hurt.
  • Travel Dress Shoes: When you are at your vacation place, and you have a nice and formal dinner to attend, you’d prefer to wear slip on loafers or a classic monk strap dress shoe. These look great with both jeans and trousers. But, the limitation for this is that these could be heavy making it difficult to carry around. So, in that case, you could go in for some casual lightweight loafers or something similar, like a lightweight tassel loafers.
  • Leather shoes: If you want the best of both worlds, i.e. walk all day plus make it to a classy dinner in the evening, the best option for you is a thick leather shoe with soft padded souls. These shoes are worth spending for, as they give you comfort with style.
  • Travel Sneakers: Sneakers are pretty awesome. They are on top of the list of mens casual shoes since they requirevery little space and are tremendously comfortable to wear. The best thing about sneakers is its versatility. They can be worn with jeans, trousers or shorts.Another popular kind of sneakers is the Converse sneakers or the Vintage look in sneakers.
  • Sandals: There are places where you could buy these sandals, with a classy, yet comfortable look. Sandals don’t get ruined on a rainy day and are perfect to wear when you want to hit the beach.

You can buy these different types of men shoes online or at the stores, as long as you wear and style them right.

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