6 Top Categories Of Car Apps You Will Find Very Useful

There are innumerous car apps to choose from these days with the proliferation of smartphones and the growth of software developers to match the needs of this growing market. Below are six main categories of the top car phone apps in the smart phone market.

  1. Navigation Apps

Navigation apps allow you to get from one place to another efficiently. Whether you are searching for a new place you have never gone to before or if you are looking for the fastest route to a familiar destination, a good navigational app will give you clear and accurate visual direction and turn by turn voice navigation to your destination.

For both android and apple, Google Maps is a-must try. For Windows phone, the inbuilt Here Maps is great and cost effective because you don’t need to use internet data if you don’t want to.

  1. Maintenance and Service

Apps that allow you keep track of your cars functioning are very important. ACar is a good example of such an app. The app will give you information about your mileage, for both business and personal use, your car’s fuel economy, how soon you need to refuel as well as when to service your car. For similar functionality on the iPhone, check out Car Minder or Gas Cubby.

Another good app on both android and iPhone is RepairPal. This app gives you a rough estimate of the cost of your repairs based on your type of car. The app will also give you direction to the nearest garage or repair shop.

  1. Car Mode Apps

If you don’t have a recent car with inbuilt driving mode functionality, you can access some great car mode apps through your phone. Car mode apps allow you to get access to information through voice control and simple menus with large buttons to allow you to navigate through options easily.

By mounting your phone on your car’s dashboard, you can get easy access to music, satellite navigation, phone calls and messaging functionality.

On Windows phone, Here Drive is a great option while on android you can use InDrive and Car Dashdroid.

  1. Car Shopping Apps

If you are looking for a new car or some parts for your car, there are several great apps to choose from. One of the most common would be to use the eBay app in order to access great car resources like Ideal Auto USA that has both a wide variety of cars and parts for your car.

  1. Driving Assistance

Apps that can use your phones functionality to give you information about your driving are also quite popular. Such apps can give you both visual and audio alerts for distance travelled, speed of travel and distance from obstacles etc.

Popular apps in this category include gMeter for android and iOnRoad for android.

  1. Parking Apps

Parking apps are also becoming popular these days. The parking app can be useful for paying your parking ticket directly to your local parking authority. These apps can also direct you to a car park and back to your car once you have finished your errands.

There are many apps to choose from depending on the smart phone OS that you use. The categories above can help you find the best app for your needs.

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