4 Most Pressing Effects of Environmental Issues

The destruction of the environment is one of the most significant issues in the world today. It has a collateral effect having the potential of affecting all forms of life since it can cause the extinction of useful resources such as soil, water, and air. It can deteriorate the quality of life and also poses a possible threat to the existence on Earth. The leading cause of environmental degradation includes overpopulation, deforestation, disturbance to the natural ecosystem and other reasons such as natural disasters which are beyond the control of humans.

Some of the causes and effects are as follows:

  1. Global warming:

It is the rise in the average temperature of Earth caused by human emission of greenhouse gases. It is responsible for the melting of glaciers, increase in sea levels and expansion in deserts and thus affecting the climate change adversely and causing extreme weather conditions. It also influences the agriculture and health of all living beings negatively. The presence of greenhouse gases damages the ozone layer the only natural protection we have from harmful ultraviolet rays.

  1. Depletion of resources:

With the destruction of the environment, we stand a high chance of losing all of our essential resources such as fresh water, mining, crude oil, fishing, and forests. It may give rise to political conflicts across nations for water, oil and other essential amenities.

  1. Pollution:

Smoke Coming Out of Pipe

Because of high emission of toxic gases and chemicals from factories worldwide, dumping of garbage in oceans, landfills, and production of electronic waste we have given rise to water, air and soil pollution. It is shocking how much we have affected the Earth. There are garbage patches in the Pacific Ocean. Furthermore, there will be the rise of smog, drought, and famine.

  1.  Unbalanced ecosystem:

It is crucial to maintaining balance in the ecosystem for us to survive. It is the relationship of living with non-living connected through the food chain and energy flow. We need to conserve flora and fauna around us to ensure life on earth. It is more like a symbiotic relationship. We have already lost various species of plants and animals over the course of time. The unbalancing is due to reasons such as mindless damage caused by humans to nature such as poaching, destruction of natural habitats of animals and disasters such as landslide, volcano eruption, wildfire or earthquake.

What we can do:

First of all, it is essential to be aware of the environmental conditions. Even though governments across the world and several NGOs are working for the betterment of environment we should also make our contribution however small it may be. Some suggestions are as follows:

  1. Go green, plant more trees.
  1. Avoid use and burning of plastic.
  1. Recycle and reuse.

4.Proper waste management.

  1. Avoid wastage of electricity.
  1. Prefer walking or cycling over driving automobiles for a small distance.

It is our responsibility to save our environment and make it a better place for our future generation. For more information, you can search for best nature blogs on various search platforms.

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