Best Thesis Statement Examples You Need To Know

Writing a thesis statement is always a serious challenge for a writer, no matter the type, size, and complexity of the work. experts know that an impressive thesis statement is equally important both for a small essay and for a large dissertation, since it presents the gist of the entire research. Composing a thesis statement is not an easy task and requires special training, but knowing these simple tips can make the process quicker:

  • Remember that a thesis statement is a promise that a writer gives to the audience; keep your promise and give all information you mention
  • Refer to the majority of arguments you are planning to include into the text in the thesis statement to make it comprehensive
  • Use the ancient rhetoric strategies of Aristotle: include ethos, logos, and pathos into a thesis statement

Learning to write good thesis statements is beneficial in many terms; first, you will definitely improve your grades on all papers, as the supervisors are very picky in regard to thesis statement composition. Moreover, all writers with advanced thesis writing skills waste less energy because of higher writing efficiency. They get to be more critical and perceptive readers and are proficient working under pressing deadlines. Here are some examples of thesis statements that will make your papers superb.

Unbeatable Thesis Statement Examples

Examples of effective thesis statements given below can help you understand the optimal size and appearance of a thesis that really catches attention and serves its purpose:

  1. For an essay about diabetes prevention, for instance, a perfect thesis statement would look like “Education about diabetes is vital for comprehending the disease and preventing a range of its complications”
  2. A good thesis statement for a history essay may look like “both Northerners and Southerners believed in their struggle against tyranny and oppression, the focus of Northerners was the fight against slavery, while Southerners protected their right to self-government”
  3. Writing literary analysis of, for instance, Huckleberry Finn may be informative with the use of a thesis statement like “Mark Twain develops a contrast between life on the river and on the shore,” while analyzing 1984 may be guided by a memorable thesis statement such as “In 1984, Orwell masterfully depicted the anti-utopian society restating its power with the help of natural impulses’ repression.”
  4. Essays on technology may get stronger with such thesis statements as “parents should regulate the amount of television watched by their children because TV is not intellectually stimulating and inhibits social interaction.”
  5. Educational essays may also be reinforced with thoughtful thesis statements such as “college admission process is challenging for the counselors because it poses a challenge of enrolling students with high test scores or those with strong extracurricular activity.”

As a final piece of advice, please keep in mind: the ultimate version of the thesis statement is possible to be completed only after the paper is complete. Hence, do not over-estimate the meaning and value of your thesis statement before you write the final line of your paper and review the thesis with the entire text in mind.

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