How To Get Perfect Negative Space Eyeliner

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The negative eyeliner is classic eye makeup technique that takes over from the traditional or should I say, the favorite and popular cat and winged eye looks. At first, it may look incomplete but on a closer look, it is a masterpiece that requires constant practice and particular attention to detail in order to master. Generally, eye liners are more challenging to master as compared to other eye makeup and the negative space eye liner is at the top of the list. It requires care not only from an aesthetic perspective but also from a health perspective- you will be protecting the delicate eyes as well.

The basic rules

Creating that perfect negative eye liner does not have to be a do-or-die situation; neither does it have to be a challenging or to others, an impossible process. A clear mastery of what is required can help speed up the application of these trending makeup ideas for girls not to mention, make it more fun and enjoyable in the process. Creating a negative eye liner requires, first and foremost, drawing of a thick wing on the eye lid after which you can draw a line on the crease of the eyelid from one end to another. A thin brush can do for this particular scenario. Following creation of the line, you can either opt to join the line to the wing, at the corners of the eyes or you can leave it at that. The choice is up to you and of course it will depend on the situation or effect you are trying to achieve. Now that the eyeliner and the wing are in place, you can now create the classic negative eyeliner. To achieve this, you can draw a parallel line to the eye lash line in order to create the negative space effect. It is important to note that before creating a negative eye liner, in the initial stages of creating the wing, give the wing an extensive and long length to allow room for the negative eyeliner.

Variations of the negative twist

With a proper mastery of how to create the basic negative eye liner, the fun can now begin with different combinations and twists to apply to specific situations and most importantly create desired effects. Trying out different ways of doing the same makeup technique is one of the best and in fact, recommended makeup ideas for girls.It is what createsthe distinction in themakeup industry- the ability to think outside the box. Below are suggestions of the different twists, you can achieve with the negative eye liner:

The smudged eyeliner

To achieve this effect, you can opt for an eyeliner that creates an even spread around the waterline in order to draw the wing. In addition to that, the liner should also not crack on drying. To create the smudged look, you can begin at the edges of the wings at the outer corners of the eyes as you work your way inwards creating a shadow. In this particular variation, the negative twist is observed at the inner corners of the eyes.

The creased eyeliner

For a creased look, you can use gel eyeliner to create the crease on the eyelids. This technique is more dramatic and can make your eyes pop out and look more sparkling. It is the opposite of the first look whereby the negative space is visible at the outer edges of the eyes.

The winged eyeliner

In creating winged negative eyeliner, it is recommended to use a liquid liner because of the relative ease with which it can easily be handled. Use a gel liner to create a wing from the outer corner of the eyes to the inner corners. For a finishing touch, flick the wing at both edges to join with the waterline; at the outer edges, make the conjunction thicker than in the inner corners. In the winged negative eye liner, the negative space is neither at the outer or inner edges but enclosed inwards.

Blank-space eyeliner

In this eyeliner technique, there is a gap created at the center of the wing to reveal the skin in the upper eyelid. For this technique to have impact, it is important to take into account, the hue of the eyeliner and most importantly, how that color creates the contrast with your skin color.


The negative space eyeliner is a trending makeup trend with a good reason- it is unique and exemplary if effectively done. The above variations are just a tip of the ice berg; different designs can be achieved beyond the aforementioned four. If you have the time and passion to try all of them out, you will be impressed by the plethora of effects you can accomplish.

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