Why Motorcycle Helmets Should Be Compulsory

Even though motorcycle helmets are not mandatory in all states, there are many people who feel that the helmets should indeed be mandatory. But why exactly should they be a legal requirement? After all, so many riders have already been riding around for years without helmets if they chose to do so in the past. Check out the information below to find out more about this important issue.

Helmets Save Lives

When you are riding on a motorcycle, your entire body is exposed, so it is completely different from riding around in a car. Therefore, you really need to take extra precautions and steps to ensure your safety at all times. This includes riding only when you are clearheaded and when the weather is ideal, as well as riding with the appropriate safety gear.

Serious injuries, particularly head injuries, can occur when you get into an accident on your motorcycle. Death rates from these types of head injuries are double among riders in those states that don’t have helmet laws in place compared to states that have the law.

Also, helmets are 37% effective when it comes to preventing deaths on motorcycles, and 67% effective when it comes to preventing brain injuries that could occur from motorcycle accidents. So it really is a no-brainer when it comes to why there should be laws in place to protect riders who otherwise would make the wrong decision and put their health and lives at risk.

Helmet Use Increases When It’s a Legal Requirement

Studies have shown that people will ride their motorcycles with the proper headgear when there are laws requiring to do so, but they will be more lax about it when there aren’t any laws forcing them to do it.

In fact, helmet use is nearly 100% in those states that have helmet laws in place. The same can’t be said for states that don’t require helmet use. So even though you really have a choice even if there aren’t any legal requirements to wear a helmet, a lot of people simply make the choice not to do it.

There are So Many Great Styles of Helmets to Choose from

If you live in a state that has a legal requirement for helmets or not, you can make the active choice to keep yourself safer while enjoying the ride. And the great news is that there are so many helmets to choose from, including a variety of styles for both men and women to suit your riding in every season. Helmets from Motochanic are a great place to start, and you can browse through the many options to find the most effective helmet at the best price for your budget.

As you can see, it’s pretty obvious why motorcycle helmets should become compulsory in all 50 states. In the meantime, though, just because your state doesn’t require the use of a helmet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear one, so go ahead and take control and purchase a helmet or two that you will love to wear.

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