4 Things that Make Linux Hosting so Secure?

Before we look into features of Linux Hosting  it is pertinent to first grasp exactly what the term “Linux Hosting ” denotes. More info on cloud hosting can be found here: Linux Hosting  Reviews.

Windows hosting might be dominant when it comes to individual and small businesses but on enterprise level Linux is the obvious choice. It’s cost effective as users do not need to invest in procuring licenses for its usage; it is extremely flexible and its inherent security features are unparalleled..

High availability and Robust Architecture              

Even though, Linux is open source (meaning its source code is available for end user to modify as per their needs) its architecture is very robust and stable. This trait makes a server running Linux ideal for hosting websites, which require high availability for extended periods of time.

Incomparable Security 

This is perhaps the most desirable feature of Linux hosting. Owing to its architecture, Linux is the most acquiescent web hosting solution available, it bestows users with utmost freedom and they do not have to worry about server integrity and stability. Compared to Windows hosting, Linux hosting is comprised of inbuilt and meticulous security features, which make it almost immune to malicious cyber-attacks. Most websites catering to confidential information like carrying out transactions online, having customer credit information etc, are mostly hosted on a Linux server.

A boon for developers

Linux hosting is a boon for developers as it’s very easy and inexpensive to develop applications for it. Linux is also compatible with most common development platforms like Perl, PHP and MySQL. Other hosting solutions might prove to be inefficient at handling different forms of databases and may dictate the use of a singular or only a selected few, but Linux is quite adept at it. PostgreSQL, Oracle and MySQL all run seamlessly on Linux which translates into variety and autonomy for users to develop their web functionality.

Ease of use

The main drawback of utilizing proprietary hosting solution like Windows is that there’s no “wiggle room” for creation of custom made features. The source code is not available which would allow users to manufacture their feature and hence leave them in the proverbial lurch. As Linux is open source, chances are that some other user might have already created the feature, and best part is that, it would be free of cost to implement. Linux servers are also very easy to administer whether onsite or remotely. The can be managed remotely without requiring any complicated and expensive third party tools.

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Proponents of Windows hosting often cite the superiority of Windows graphical interface and how user-friendly it is. Its commonly assumed that Linux is a difficult to understand and complicated to configure platform compared to the aforementioned. Nothing could be further from the truth as Linux is simplicity personified, which is quite evident from the level of customization it puts at a user’s disposal.  Linux hosting is continually evolving, thanks to the enormous community of dedicated users who continue to add to it. These very same users provide support and answer queries of users regarding Linux hosting.

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