The Whole Controversy Surrounding Artificial Wombs

The Whole Controversy Surrounding Artificial Wombs

The pros and cons surrounding babies being born prematurely and giving them an opportunity to continue their growing up in a safe and healthy environment is nothing but the best. However, the topic of extending the use of the artificial wombs is very controversial and raises questions about the ethical standards of medicine and our laws which are actually required to keep up with this technology.

Looking at the bright side of this entire process, if the artificial womb technology becomes completely legal then it can open up a number of avenues. Let’s see what they are:

  1. This procedure can open options for anyone wants reproductive help and assistance. Assistance in simple words means helping out infertile couples, transgenders and people above the age of 40.
  2. An artificial womb baby born can provide a very safe environment free of any kind of harmful drug or medication with side effects. More attention can be paid to the health of the mother with the help of everything getting fine-tuned to the particulars of movement, balanced diets, and sounds.
  3. We shouldn’t forget how risky pregnancy is actually for the mother. Anything can happen to her in the period of 9 months and nothing is more heartbreaking than to face complications during your pregnancy or while giving birth. If artificial wombs were made legal, then these problems could be solved easily.

The question remains, are these womb environments really ideal?

Pregnancy is a gamble. It’s a world of uncertainties and battling with odds till they finally fall in your favor or not in some cases. Who is to say that it wouldn’t be the same with artificial wombs? Anyone who has been pregnant in the past will tell you that when it comes to being pregnant there is a big black hole of uncertainties and unknowns than there are assurances of 100 percent success. In fact with artificial wombs, there is no assurance that the nutrients that a baby receives from his mother’s natural womb will be the same in an artificial bag.

The thing about pregnancy is the emotional attachment it has around it. There are a number of things that the world has easily lapped up to and technology is one of those of things. However, even as the millennial generation is pretty much running out of the emotional fuel, people still want to experience the joys of motherhood that come with carrying a tiny little thing with small hands and feet inside of you.

That process is magical and it happening inside you is something you can’t even believe is possible unless you an actually get pregnant. This is why artificial wombs are not so readily accepted now. The other thing people worry about is, who would control a baby born in an artificial womb. It’s a fear carried by all the mothers out there.
It’s hoped that people understand in the due course of time that once this technology becomes advanced, this will help stop the death of mothers during childbirth and prenatal deaths.

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