Benefits of Ceylon Green Tea

ceylon green tea

The tea is produced in Sri Lanka which was formerly known as Ceylon. This tea is usually made using either green tea leaves, or white tea leaves, or black tea leaves. This can be consumed cold as well as hot.  People have noticed the benefits of Ceylon tea; it helps in boosting up the metabolism or decreasing the rate of diseases. But these benefits are not clinically proven.

Unlike the other teas, which are based on the names of the leaves from which they are produced, Ceylon tea is named after Ceylon where the trees are grown. Ceylon was once considered the world’s largest coffee producer, which was a British colony before. When the coffee industry vanished due to the coffee rust plant disease, tea farmers occupied the infrastructure and began the tea industry.

According to the climate and terrain, each district produces tea with a different character and slightly different taste. There are basically seven Ceylon tea districts:

  • Kandy district: It is one of the oldest districts placed in the central province of Sri Lanka. They produce full-bodied and intense tea.
  • Nuwara Eliya district: The place is mountainous and rugged, it has the largest elevation. Tea from this place is said to have a golden hue with fragrance, and it is delicate.
  • Uda Pussellawa district: This area is misty and wet. Tea leaves from this area are pinkish and dark and may contain a hint of aroma of the rose. Due to the mist and heavy rainfall, it produces a darker tea which contains strong flavor.
  • Uva district: This place experience dry winds as well as monsoon sometimes. It produces a mellow, smooth taste with some aroma.
  • Dimbula district: This area is wet and experiences heavy rainfall most of the year. The tea contains mellow with a golden orange hue, and it is described as refreshing for the consumers.
  • Ruhuna district: Located in the southern province of the country produces low grown teas which are unique and full flavored.
  • Sabaragamuwa district: THE place is rich in valleys that grow tea which contains a slight hint of caramel.

Ceylon Tea Health Benefits:

Researchers have been trying to study Ceylon green tea and other types of teas for decades and have reached a conclusion with positive outcomes. Drinking tea provides a stable mental alertness and boost up the body. It may also increase energy levels, which can help to lower the risk of disease and promote healthy metabolism.

Black tea and green tea contains polyphenols, tannins, and flavonoids. Polyphenols are considered to be plant-based chemicals that have many health benefits. Consumption of flavonoids can decrease the cancer risk. According to research, consuming tea in a limited manner can decrease the risk of heart disease, cholesterol, and low blood pressure.

Ceylon tea contains some caffeine; the amount of caffeine depends upon the leaves used to make tea and also on the preparation methods. Usually, tea bags provide caffeine compared to that of while tea leaves. If the Ceylon tea is produced with green tea leaves, the chances of caffeine will be modest.

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