What You Can Expect To Get From Greengeeks

What You Can Expect To Get From Greengeeks

As the web hosting industry continues to grow, more and more new web hosting services are emerging in the market. Most of these services offer web hosting at a very cut throat and competitive price point. You might wonder if this competition has led to the degradation of the web hosting services. In some cases this might be true but there are some honest web hosting service providers who are playing a fair game. We get a lot of requests to review some very popular web hosting services. In this article we will review greengeeks. To be technically correct we won’t be reviewing the basic features. Here will talk about specific hardware related factors that can affect the performance of your website to a great extent.

  • Processors:

Greengeeks hosting doesn’t compromises on performance. They use Intel Xeon processors. If you don’t know much about Xeon processors then let us tell you that they are the fastest processors used in the web hosting industry. You can get an idea of their amazing performance from the fact that most of the super-computers in existence today use Intel Xeon processors. Since they are designed to have a higher core count, they can handle huge workloads without creating any performance related issues.

  • Storage:

You can see it on the website that greengeeks offers unlimited storage to their customers. A lot of other companies also offer such plans that feature unlimited web space. But not all kinds of storage systems are equal. The architecture of web hosting storage system greatly affects the performance of a site. Greengeeks uses solid state drives to store all of your data. A point to note here is that solid state drives are amongst the fastest kind of storage devices in production today. Since they have no actual rotating parts or discs, they outperform traditional storage systems by a huge margin.

  • Network:

Since greengeeks is a shared web hosting service, you don’t get a dedicated physical server. Instead your data is stored on multiple servers. If these servers are slow at communicating then it is obvious that your site will perform poorly. But greengeeks has taken care of this problem. All of the servers are connected by gigabet Ethernet. This means that their network supports communication up to a rate of 1 gigabit per second. It is fast enough to access even the largest of the video files without any delay or lag in loading.

  • Power Backup Features:

Now you can say that why you should be concerned about the power backup facilities at a web hosting service’s data centers. But the fact is that it is highly relevant to you. Power back up systems fall under the category of risk management features.What if suddenly there is a blackout and all servers went down; this would lead to catastrophic results for your website. All unsaved data will be lost forever. But greengeeks understands the importance of having a power backup. Their data center has multiple batteries power back up system and also automated diesel generators to make sure that no black out or power cut affects your site.

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