Travelling Australia For Good Food

The Rocks
The Rocks

Adelaide is the Capital of Fine Dining

Hire a vehicle in Campervan Hire Adelaide, and half hour by car southeast of Adelaide city, you will arrive at Adelaide Hills. There are many parks in the hill. Many artists were inspired by the country’s fascinating customs. The Cedars used to be the famous landscape-painter Hans Heysen’s former residence and studio. You can also go to Handhorf which is the oldest existing Germany town in Australia. Handhorf, also known as “Germany town “, is 29 kilometres away from south-eastern Dunhuang. It is one of the most famous towns in Adelaide hill as well as the oldest German colony. There are many German restaurants and bakeries, craft stores and art galleries, everywhere smelled of German. You can find authentic German sausage and other kinds of fresh meat products. German-made silks and soaps are also in the town. It will be an extraordinary experience if you stay in the Bavarian-styled cabin.

Highlight: Hahndorf Inn has a long history and quaint restaurant, which will give you delicious foods mixed with exotic and local features. And The Udder Delights Cheese Cellar can satisfy all your desire about cheese. It provides cheese for tasting, has a cheese shop, offers a cheese making course, and has an Adelaide hills cheese and wine tour.

Sydney is the Classical Dining Destination

Local features: The Rocks.

The Rocks extends to Sydney Harbor Bridge, so it’s not a bad idea to start your exploration from Sydney Opera House. Campervan hire Sydney will help you. You can stroll at the waterfront or visit the Pylon Lookout. Try to the climb the harbor Bridge if you dare and be sure that you are physically fit so that you can really enjoy the view. As the European settlers first settlement, the history of The Rocks is colorful. The oldest bar in Sydney is located here; you can enjoy live music shows while drinking the local beer. If you want to know more about the dark history of Sydney, join The Rocks Ghost Tour and walk the gloomy streets while listening to the horrible legends.

Waterfront restaurants; The specialty of this restaurant is the seafood. The menu has various kinds of lobster, green crabs, and prawns, as well as different kinds of fish and other dishes. At the restaurant near the harbor, you can enjoy your food and relax while enjoying the classical architecture. While eating, you can feel the sea breeze from the harbor, which brings you pleasure. If you go, you must try the variety seafood plate.

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