Get The Luxury Boutique Hotel Look In Your Bedroom With These Clever Tips

Isn’t it lovely staying in a hotel sometimes? It might not be as good as your bed, but it makes an excellent change when you’re away from home. They seem to make it look effortlessly clean and sophisticated, without having to add too many frills and extras. If you love that luxury hotel look, maybe you find yourself wanting to take it home with you. It’s not difficult or expensive to make your bedroom look like it’s from a beautiful boutique hotel. With just a few simple steps, focusing on some key factors, you can transform your room in no time.

Start with White Bedding

You’ll notice that a lot of luxury hotels don’t risk having bedding with huge patterns or lots of color. Most of them begin with a white base layer like the ones available on, and then add some more colorful accents. Your white bedding should be excellent quality, with a beautiful plump comforter and pillows. Everything should be nice and crisp, looking smooth, neat and clean. It’s important that you take care of everything to keep it white, instead of fading to gray or picking up stains.

Add Some Accents

Once you have your well-made white bed, you can add some colorful accents to jazz it up. You might choose to go with more neutral colors or perhaps you’ll go brighter. You could use throw pillows, runners or perhaps sheets with a decorative border. Doing this helps to tame your design, instead of having too much going on with the bed, before you even get to the rest of the room.

Get The Luxury Boutique Hotel Look In Your Bedroom With These Clever Tips

Make Use of Surfaces

When you walk into your hotel room, you have everything you need. There should be a coffee machine, or at least sachets of coffee, an iron, a hair dryer and more. You can use the surfaces in your room to make sure that all you require is in reach. You could set up a refreshments station, so you don’t even need to leave the room for you cup of coffee. Perhaps put a mini-fridge in place so that you can have cold snacks and drinks. Put a beautiful lamp on your bedside table too, making sure you have plenty of outlets to charge your favorite devices.

Use Seating

Not all hotel rooms will have somewhere to sit down (there’s the bed for that) but if you splash out on a more expensive room, you might get armchairs or a sofa. If you have room to add a seating area in your bedroom, you can make it look like a suite. Create an area with plush seating to lounge on while you read a book or watch TV. Or you could make a little breakfast nook, with a small table and a couple of chairs.

It’s easy to transform your bedroom into something that resembles a hotel. But the best part is that you can add personal touches too, so it’s less impersonal than a hotel room.

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