Should You Go For A Master’s In Data Science?

Businesses need to understand data to know what their customers need. Whether it be understanding customer preferences or what works, a lot depends on access to the right data, a reason major organizations are investing heavily in data analysts.

The job of the Data Scientist has become one of the most sought after job in the 21st century. The tremendous amount of data that businesses deal with each day needs to be organized and insights have to be developed to meet the business challenges.

The widespread use of smartphones and tablets along with the spread of internet has given rise to a huge amount of data from users which can be utilized by companies to develop new markets and target demographics. The advancement of Big Data has changed things quite a bit, and the demand for Data Scientists has gone up considerably, which in turn increased the demand for courses like master’s in Data Science.

Why is Data Science a Lucrative Career?

In LinkedIn’s top skills for 2017, statistical analysis and data mining stayed at the second ranking just like last year with data presentation making its entry in the top 10 for the first time. All the skills are included under the broad term of Data Science!

The demand for deep analytics is projected to outrun the supply by 50% to 60% in USA by 2018.

Data science has been called one of the most promising jobs of the 21st Century!

The profession of Data Scientist was ranked as the best profession in USA based on its high earning opportunities, extensive career opportunities and demand in the market.

(Information source: Forbes)

The industry is growing really fast and it creates a great opportunity for the graduates and students with masters in Data Science to be hired by the business organizations who are dealing with huge amount of data and want to make use of it.

How to Become a Data Scientist?

To become a Data Scientist you will need a combination of skills including analytical, technical and presentation capabilities. You should be adept at applied mathematics and have a good grasp on statistics.

The candidate also needs to have sound knowledge of programming which he will use to source, process and store data. It is also essential to have knowledge of business dynamics and the industry whose data you will be dealing with.

The best way to become a Data Scientist and gather all the skills is by applying for a high quality Master’s degree in Data science from a reputed university with proper accreditation. You can check out the Master’s in Data Science at BBS which is duly recognized in the professional world.

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