How Far Is Going Too Far When Spoiling Your Pet Dog?

How Far Is Going Too Far When Spoiling Your Pet Dog?

Most of us who are pet lovers consider our dogs to be extremely important members of our families. We’d go any distance to give it every comfort that it could ever ask for. We believe that our dogs have real feelings and would work extra hard to make sure that their feelings are not hurt.

We are completely aware about the fact that dogs can be needy, jealous and attention seeking at certain times. We spend a considerable amount of time every single day to ensure that our dog gets all the love and attention it wants. When we are too busy to keep it company we’d at least resort to some sort of alternative that would make our dog happy. We’ve got so used to spoiling our dogs so much that we’ve started to lose track of our main responsibility as dog parents – keeping our furry friends healthy and happy.

How Far Is Going Too Far When Spoiling Your Pet Dog?

Dogs need proper shelter – your home won’t always be enough

There are some of us who look at people buying dog kennels for sale and sigh in disapproval at the mere sight of it. To us, our dog should live with us, under the roof of our own home. Even though there isn’t any issue with this, we should always think of a possible scenario that forces us to keep the dog out of our home at least for a few days. It could be due to a certain disease our dog catches or perhaps because of some sort of home construction that can threaten the dog’s safety. Regardless of what the reason is, we always need a backup plan when thinking of our dog’s shelter.

Building a permanent home for your dog outdoors is the most practical option for anyone who has a garden that is spacious enough. It could be a simple shelter made out of wood that consists of a roof that protects your dog from severe sun light or heavy rain. It should be situated in a position where it is safe from nocturnal animals who may pose harm to your loving pet.

Dogs need proper food – your food is the last thing you should be feeding him

We all have moments when we feel so guilty about not sharing our food with our dogs. This happens quite often when we are munching on something and our dog just stares at us with the saddest eyes and a paw on our knee.  To us, it feels like we are keeping our own child away from getting something that they love. However, what you need to understand is that dogs are always hungry, or more like dogs could eat anything at anytime of the day.

Sharing your chocolate or cookies with your pet dog might sometimes even lead it to its death. The caffeine present in chocolate can affect a dog’s health in a very negative way. Similarly, chemicals found in extremely dark chocolate can result in extreme cases of digestion issues or even serious seizures. Certain fruits like grapes and berries belonging to the same family of fruits can cause kidney failure in most dogs.

Dogs need proper exercise – letting him laze on the couch all day is never a good idea

While most dogs are very active and full of energy during their juvenile stage, they tend to resort to a lazier and inactive lifestyle once they mature. This is mainly because they are given all the comfort in the world by us. Wild dogs very rarely get lazy and inactive because they have to run around looking for food and shelter on a daily basis. They don’t have the luxury of just sitting around the house all day.

This is why it is so important that we let our pet dogs get enough exercise. Taking them on regular walks can keep their muscles and bones moving and active. It will also be a great way to burn any extra calories they consume and keep all weight related problems under control. Obesity in dogs can lead to a number of other sicknesses such as cardiovascular problems and breathing difficulties.

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