6 Essentials For A Girl’s Trip In Paris

Planning is rarely ever a bad thing, even in spontaneous trips. Paris a perennial city rises above its own hype and can be explored the way you want it. If you are travelling to the city of light alone you will surely become more independent and confident rather than apprehensive.

Few things that can make your trips awesome and hassle-free in Paris for a girl are:


It is is important to keep an open mind and raise your comfort level in the trip dependent on your destination and it’s hard not to love Paris. Take things slowly and enjoying the Parisian food, drink and a view best when these are enthusiastically savored. Though it is an old city covered with hard and uneven surfaces yet you can enjoy the best tourist destinations by taking a stroll in the evening. Dress up smartly and wear your favorite lipstick that confidence is counted here. Travel and explore the city wholeheartedly filled as a good attitude is worth miles.

Proper Packing

Do not forget to carry your medical kit. One of the most important parts of packing is to take all your medicines and other related stuff in case you go through some emergencies. Make sure you keep warm clothes, high boots and scarves if you are travelling to the city in winters. Smart casuals and comfortable footwear are must.  You can stay updated about the locations cultural dress codes.

Basics of Local Language

Lots of people in France speak English specially the people working in the tourism sector in Paris so it won’t be difficult for you to communicate with locals if you speak in English.  But there are lot many who do not speak English and cannot understand it. So it is better if you learn few common French phrases and words which would turn out to be helpful during your trip. You can learn the key phrases which will make a huge difference when you interact with locals here. You’ll surely get a warm welcome.

Connect via Social Media

One of the good safety blankets for you can be letting people know where and when are you travelling. You can keep your friends and family informed about your trips by posting pictures and writing status updates on various social media platforms. This will reassure everyone that you are safe and enjoying every bit of your travel in Paris.

Cautious With Your Possessions

Though Paris is relatively safe city but anything can happen anywhere in the world. Sometimes petty crimes takes places when you least expect it. So it is better to keep your valuables and belongings safely when visiting the museums, hotel dining rooms, and restaurants in the city. If you are unlucky, you might fall into one of their traps. Most of the time travelers are the targets Travelers are chosen as targets because they are not familiar with their surroundings or they are lost in some unknown place, making you them vulnerable in that circumstances.

Book Your Stay Prior to Visit

Before heading off to Paris, make sure you book either book a comfortable hotel, hostel or rental apartment in the neighborhood, which is central to some of the popular and renowned tourist attraction. Choose your apartment/hotel in an area which enjoys central location and is well-connected with all major public transport.  Also proximity to markets, restaurants and supermarkets from your accommodation should be counted.

Don’t fall prey to tempting packages or special offers. Do your research and look for a good accommodation option after doing lots of research. To make your stay worry-free in the city, book your serviced apartment or hotel prior to your visit and get all the information accurate about the place from their staff.

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