The Quickest & Easiest Way to Find the Right PC Gaming Headset for You

Let’s face it, choosing the right headset is neither quick nor easy. Or is it? If you’re a perfectionist — perhaps we all are in some way — then, you want to ensure your headset is the cream of the crop. You take your gaming seriously, you take your gaming skills seriously too so this requires a serious gaming headset to match. But, how can you achieve the best gaming headset both quickly and easily? Keep reading to learn more.

Create a weighted list

As part of your shopping journey, it’s important to start with a weighted list. What is it? It’s a list of pros and cons with scores next to each pro and scores next to each con. So, check out this extensive guide of the best PC gaming headsets. Now, pick your top five from the list. The good news is all the groundwork has already been done for you. All you have to do is to weigh the pros and cons of your top five. For each pro and con, place a number between one and five noting which ranks as most important to least important. When you’re done, add up your scores. Now, you can make your decision. Wasn’t that quick and easy?


If you don’t want to do a weighted list, then think in terms of durability. You don’t want just any gaming headset. You want the type of headset that will totally amp up your gaming experience. And, only a durable headset will do. Depending on the game, you could be as rough with your headset as a college football coach. It’s crucial to pay attention to reviews, and when they were posted, as you can only fiddle around with a headset so much before you’re required to pay for it.

What about sound quality?

Does sound quality matter? Uh, yeah! Why bother to get a gaming headset if it doesn’t sound any different than those free ear buds you got with your phone? The entire point is to enhance your gaming experience, and with bad sound quality — you may as well forget about it.

Basically, you want a headset with the best sound quality you can find in your budget. Again, read through as many reviews as you can. This isn’t like purchasing bubble gum — you want to get the right headset.

A word on comfort

If you’re a serious gamer, and we know you are, then you’re going to need a comfortable gaming headset. Why cut your playing time short because your ears are sore and your head hurts? This may seem like common sense, but it’s essential to mention. You could get the most expensive gaming headset on the market and experience buyer’s remorse because it feels like you’re wearing two cinder blocks around your ears. No one likes a terrible fit.

Look, the quickest and easiest way to get around this is to continue reading reviews. If your gaming runs for hours every day, it will be worth it to maybe pay a little more and get a comfortable headset. And make sure you know the return policy in case, for whatever reason, you need to return them because they are uncomfortable.

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