The Best Way To Choose Front Door Handles: Facts and Features

Front Door Handles

Choosing front door handles technically seem to be a very simple thing. However in this advanced and technological age, the entire idea about the superior manufacturing process gives one a huge range of choices. There is a multitude of styles, metals, colors and functions available. In fact the huge array of levers, knobs and deadbolts are extra accessories which you can use to make your entrance look stylish.

The first aspect that one would look at while buying a door handle is the design of the same. However, apart from the look and style there are aspects like security, quality, ease of installation and ergonomics which one has to look into. Some of the points which must be considered are narrated as follows:

  • One needs to know if the door opens to the left or right.
  • Is the front door handle designed for the main door of the house or an interior door?
  • A very important consideration would be to keep in mind if any of the users have restricted movement of the hand or grip.
  • Are the front door handles going to be fitted on a brand new door or on a replacement?

Accessibility and Emergency Features:

While choosing handles for front doors, you must also examine these facts:

  • Does it provide an easy door access? At times when one’s hands are full, can the handle save time and effort and provide the much-needed assistance?
  • Door handles which would prevent door stain or grime should be the ideal choice. In fact oil and stain should not get accumulated on the handles Regular maintenance can be the ideal choice for ensuring longevity of the attachment.
  • In the event of having a disabled family member or someone with lack of strength on their hand one should put a handle which would be conducive to their use.

The door handle style is also another aspect which is of immense importance when it comes to choosing front door handles. Some of the styles include the following:

  • The traditional door knob is one which is round and designed to fit one’s palm. All that one needs to do is to twist their wrist and the door knob can open.
  • The lever handle is another popular alternative. This is a very simple door handle which can be used by people of all ages. However one should be aware of the fact that these are specifically designed for either left or right doors.
  • Another option which has grabbed attraction of consumers is the thumb piece handle. Earlier this option had a latch which could be lifted in the form of a horizontal metal bar. However the modern version of this has a bolt to operate it with. The thumb piece needs to be pressed and it is usually used for front doors.

Ensuring Proper Maintenance of the Door Lock Systems:

The Best Way To Choose Front Door Handles: Facts and Features

Care and maintenance are extremely important factors which you must remember for ensuring longevity and quality of a front door handle. One should definitely not compromise on quality. Good quality door handles not only provide reliability, security and durability but they also require a minimum maintenance.

Lubricants should be used on the door handles frequently.  However when it comes to lubricants, one should use those which are specified for front door handles and not the conventional ones.

In the event of following these tips one would be able to make a good choice of front door handles. If you still have any doubt in choosing best door handles then click here and get more useful details.

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