The Best 6 Reasons To Study Abroad

The Best 6 Reasons To Study Abroad

Today most universities all over the world collaborate with each other and offer an opportunity to spend a certain period of time abroad. Yes, this is far from home, you won’t see your friends, your family will be far away not being able to help or give advice, this is far away and scary. These and related lists of excuses prevent most people from growing up, gaining new valuable contacts, seeing the world, learning a new culture and becoming a happier person. Let do your homework and explore more about it. Here are six strong arguments for study abroad.

Reason number one. It’s time to grow up

You have finished school and entered university in the next biggest city. Good for you. Now you are living alone with other students like you and feel an extreme freedom of being an adult. Are you, in fact, adult and successful? Some people traveled the world, run the first business, learned more than ten languages till the age of 20 (or 18). Ask yourself now, with all the freedom you have, how to become such a person?

Break the wall

Visiting the school, doing homework and hanging out with friends is fun. Until you got bored. You have received detailed instructions what to do during your first year from your parents. There are always much more exciting ideas in your head. Bring your theory into practice and see what will happen. Two month or two years abroad is a perfect option for this.

What does growing up means?

Time abroad will show you what the real freedom is. With the well known Erasmus Mundus year, you can travel to almost any country you would like to. It can be any European country, the USA, the UK, or any other. Use Google Earth to take a closer look. You will be there all on your own, and this is brand new feeling which is different from what you have ‘at home.’ Experience abroad changes a person forever for good.

Reason number two. Meet people

While traveling, you will meet not only locals but also other travelers who can share experience and give valuable tips on further life. Consider each new person as a new book to read. Each one has stories, ideas, beliefs which can be revealed due to a conversation. The educative effect of meeting new people is same as of reading; only you boost your mental, psychological, emotional, and conversational skills as well. You never know which contact will become necessary for your career, personal life or further travels if you taste the blood of trips.

Reason number three. Your knowledge

The academic education you get in school is important for your career, work experience, further opportunities and salary level. The knowledge you get in a new country is more about life and philosophy itself. You will inevitably get information. By receiving it, your brain will reproduce it to the knowledge which you can use in future. It can be history, geography, politics, or linguistics, psychology, and communication. In any case, you will profit.

Reason number four. See the world

Taking an all-inclusive Google Street View tour in the evening is different from what you will get in reality. Seeing the most famous tourists’ attractions personally is different from seeing a picture of it. Take long walks. It is not only healthy and helps your brain to arrange new impressions, but there is also a chance to find unknown beautiful places. You will have a pleasure to observe how your way of thinking and values are changing, while you are becoming a new person.

Reason number five. Boost your Study and Career chances

It may not sound good, but there is a chance, that the program abroad is much better than in your university. You can learn in a few months something you will never gain ‘at home.’ It is essential for foreign languages. You may also want to keep in mind, that an employer will choose a candidate with international experience more likely than the one without it.

Reason number six. Blog or Vlog

It is time for your camera to work. The film, write, blog and vlog what you do. In spite of YouTube is overfilled with such content, you can do it for yourself. On the other hand, this can become your first business and income. Your friends and relatives will be satisfied.

The article is provided by a blogger Joseph Sartori.

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