StepbyStep Writing Your First Article for the Contributor Network

Contributor Networks offer much to both established and novice writers, from a no-strings attached outlet for their work to providing a professional freelance writer with a reliable, paying client. However, all writers have something in common when they bring their work to Contributor Networks: they must navigate the website’s system and submit their first article. Following this Step-by-Step Guide will help a writer new to Contributor Networks in making that first submission.

Step 1: Outline and Write Your Article Off-Site

Devise your outline and write your article off-site and on a word processor. This protects you from losing your work to an internet hiccup, as well as giving you a fresh, second look at your work later. Writers for Contributor Networks serve as their own Copy Editors, so getting that second look is important.

Step 2: Click the Publish Link

Clicking the “Publish” link starts the process. On this first page you need to review the article options, from General Article to Interview to Travel Guide. Study the details of these options carefully and choose the format that fits your work. This is your first article, so ignore all other things for now.

Step 3: Select Rights and Payment

The first question is “Have you previously published this content elsewhere?” Answer this honestly, and remember that your work will be checked for plagiarism.

“No” means you will have three options next: “What level of rights do you want to grant for this content?” Exclusive means one of the Contributor Network will own the article, but this option offers the highest up-front payment plus performance payments. Non-Exclusive is also eligible for Upfront Payment, and should be the option for any content you want to share among multiple websites after publishing on one of the Contributor Networks. Display-Only gives you the option of modifying or even deleting your work later on, and is perfect for running lists or items with a short shelf life. If you are submitting previously published work, your licensing options will be limited to display-only.

Next is, “Would you like to make this content eligible for distribution with approved partners?” Exclusive content is always automatically eligible, while display-only content is always ineligible.

The final question is, “For what payment option would you like this content to be considered?” For either Exclusive or Non-Exclusive content, always see if up-front payment will be offered. For Display-O nly content, up-front payment will never be an option.

Click “Save and Next.”

Step 4: Enter Title and Content

Enter a snappy, eye-catching title and a brief description. Sub-titles are optional, and will appear only with the article text. Cut and paste your article text into to the main text window. Format as necessary, and be sure to give your work a second look. If you haven’t already, cite any sources you used at the end of the article.

Click “Save and Next”

Step 5: Add Extra Information

Now answer the question, “Which category or categories best define your content?” You can select up to three categories, and as your article will appear in every selected category, maximize your browsing viewers by selecting three.

Now add at least two search tags, choosing words that you would use to find your article on a search engine. Next add punchy highlight phrases about your article, an interesting side fact, and supporting links as desired.

Click “Save and Next.”

Step 6: Add Images

Adding images will increase the eye-catching potential of your article for viewers browsing the website where it’s published. It also helps with getting featured on the front page or category pages. However, all pictures must adhere to the Contributor Network’s Image Submission Guidelines. For your first article, click the “Image Submission Guidelines” and follow their instructions carefully.

Click “Finish and Preview.”

Step 7: Preview

Give your article one more review. Your content is now officially submitted, but can be revised at any time before it is evaluated. Your first articles will probably be checked by the editors before being published.


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