Exemplary Role Model For The Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is a amazing place to be in however sometimes the work can be greatly demanding. You have to be alert and on your feet to attend to the needs and wants of the guests. There are some days where you may get drained and feel exhausted. To survive in the industry you need to love your work. There are ways to manage challenges and progress. You can win over the guest and retain him or her as your customer. It is important for you to know how-with Patrick Imbardelli, he will show you the path!

Patrick Imbardelli cares about his work and this makes him a prominent figure in the hotel and hospitality industry across the globe. He was the President and the Chief Executive Officer of The Pan Pacific Hotels Group. This chain of luxury hotels is not a stranger in the hospitality industry. It is one of the best hotel chains in the world and thanks to the guidance of Patrick Imbardelli has received a number of awards for services and quality.

Patrick himself has taken a personal interest in the management and development of the staff himself. He has guided and mentored them with his invaluable experience of more than 30 years in the hotel and hospitality industry. Patrick is aware of the best means via which you as a hotel professional can win over the customer to your side. There are challenging times when the guest may not be happy with the service rendered no matter how good it is. However, with trust and quality, you can resolve issues and make the guest feel that his or her priorities are important.

Patrick mentors and guides his team on a regular basis on how to stay motivated in the challenging hotel industry. There are ways via which you can win over the trust of an unhappy customer or guest. He teaches them on how to maintain a high morale and not let the angry or dissatisfied customer control the situation. Since he has been associated with the Hotel industry and worked with many big names, he is aware of how to manage such situations and passes the knowledge to his staff. He has been so successful in his mission that the PPHG is one of the best luxury hotel chains in the world and it has been the recipient of a number of awards.

Patrick Imbardelli comes across as a kind and compassionate human being with amazing problem resolving skills. Professionally he cares about the progress and development of his team and the projects he is involved with. He is also an excellent business planner and analyst. He has devised a number of effective strategies for progress and development for the PPHG chain of hotels. This is why he has earned the respect of not only his staff but his peers as well. He is not only an asset to the PPHG chain of hotels but he is a highly influential figure in the hospitality industry too!

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