Consider Environment Friendly Sisal Rugs In Your Residence or Office

Furnishing your domestic spaces or business offices with eco friendly items have become a common trend in this contemporary period. Ecofriendly products are made from the green plantations growing across the different parts of the globe. In fact, using the eco-friendly products in your real life is adopting green in the real sense and that’s what any environmentalist would always favor it. Carpets or the rugs woven from the animal fibers have been always been adorable items for ages, however, few people could buy these items as the prices have always been very high. On the contrary using the rugs made from the plant fibers have benefitted the carpet lovers in terms of quality performance and price. Demand for the rugs or carpets made from the plant fibers like sisal, coir and seagrass has inspired more plantations. Whether it is sisal, coir and seagrass, this crop grows in the different geographical conditions.

Sisal is extracted from the leaves of the cactus plant known as Agave and that grows in the semi arid conditions. Brazil, Mexico, China, Tanzania and also Kenya are the main producers of this particular variety of cactus plant. The Leaves of this cactus plant are crushed and then dried and further processing leads to the manufacture of fibers. Such fibers are later woven into rugs or carpets. In the recent past, people have been trying out cheaper options like plastic or synthetic rugs in their residence or business office, however, these rugs do not last for long. Many customers have been choosing the Floorspace sisal rugs over any other company using this fiber for the manufacture  of their rugs. Why?  Because installing Floorspace sisal rugs will surely add value to anyone’s living space in their household or in their office space. Also, Floorspace install their sisal rugs without charging any extra cost.

Consider Environment Friendly Sisal Rugs In Your Residence or Office

Sisal rugs made by Floorspace have been considered as high quality rugs for more than a decade for the following reasons:

  1. Their sisal rugs are biodegradable products which are woven from the natural fibers and later on can be subjected to a process of recycling. Sisal rugs do not damage the atmosphere when burnt in the open or buried underneath the ground. The experience with the plastic rugs has been quite different as these rugs harm the atmosphere when burnt and therefore not fit to be recycled.
  2. Sisal rugs are actually dust resistant floor covers. Any food items spilt are easily removable with the help of bristle brush and dry cleaning powder.
  3. Cleaning of the sisal rugs is not necessary on a daily-basis, however contact with moisture or water should be avoided. Otherwise, the colors of the sisal rugs are sure to fade and the fabric may also get damaged. Occasional dry cleaning with the support of a vacuum cleaner is the only maintenance required.
  4. The fibers of the sisal rugs are tough enough to bear the wear and tear over the long-term. However, sisal rugs do not tolerate the harmful contact with the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Therefore, it is better to install them in the interior areas of your residence or office space.
  5. The condition of your sisal rugs will deteriorate on coming in contact with water or moisture. Therefore, sisal rugs should not be installed in or near a kitchen or washroom space.
  6. One of the best features of sisal rugs is that even though the fibers are strong and rough, they feel comfortable to walk or sit on them. These products do not generate static electricity unlike the carpets made from nylon or synthetic fibers.
  7. Installation of the sisal rugs in your hall areas will surely help in curbing the sound pollution, especially during an event with lots of guests. Sisal rugs also act as insulators against the extremes of weather or climatic conditions.

Whatever, color, pattern and measurement the buyer chooses in the Floorspace website or by visiting their store, it will be surely provided by them.  Floorspace provides a cleaning kit on request and offers a guarantee period of one year.

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